5 Best HTML5 Video Player JavaScript Libraries


Best HTML5 Video Player JavaScript LibrariesBest free HTML 5 video player, JavaScript, and CSS library to create an HTML5 video player for your website.
Video.js is an open-source JavaScript and CSS library used to build an HTML5 Video Player. It provides an automatic fallback for older browsers. It provides build-in skin and API for accessing and controlling videos.
Popcorn.js is an HTML5 media Framework for filmmakers and web developers to create time-based interactive media.
Free and Opensource lightweight HTML5 audio/video library written in JavaScript. It supports all major platforms. It allows using jQuery to deploy and control all of your HTML5 audio and video elements.
Projekktor is a self-hosted, open-source video and audio player. Projekktor offers an unified API for controlling content.
MediaElement is an Open source .js library. It builds a fully skinnable player. It creates a fall forward to bring all browsers up to the same level of support.

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