How to Convert Mp3 Audio to Text Format using Browser (Free)

convert audio to text via browser

Google Voice to Text feature allows people to write content with their voice using a microphone. But if you want to convert your existing recorded audio to text, is there any solution available? Yes, I found 1 solution. This method will definitely work. So you can create your YouTube subtitles/captions from audio, convert any voice lecture to text format, and mp3 audio to text.

Step 1: Use mp3 audio as microphone input via Stereo Mix.

Convert audio to Text format

To open Sound settings.

  1. Click the Windows icon.
  2. Search and open the Run App.
  3. Type mmsys.cpl and open Sound settings.


First, go to the Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound  -> Choose the Sound option.

  1. In Sound settings, select the Recording tab
  2. In that, you can see Stereo Mix, right-click on that option, and tap on Enable option to enable it.

Step 2: Change the Chrome Microphone to Stereo Mix

On your Chrome browser go to Microphone settings (chrome://settings/content/microphone) and select Stereo Mix as a microphone.

Step 3: Now use any online official or 3rd party Google Voice typing tools

I am using the Voice Notepad tool created by Digital Inspiration – Amit Agarwal.

Open Voice Notepad ( tool on your Google Chrome browser and just click the microphone button.

Now play the recorded mp3 file in any audio player like VLC or Windows media player.

The Browser microphone takes that audio as a mic input. That’s it, guys.

Final Verdict:

I hope this article has helped you to convert the Recorded Audio to Text Format. So if you have any other doubts about this article, let me know through the comments.