How to create a Mind Map using MS Word (visual maps software)


How to create a Mind Map using MS Word

Mind mapping helps in representing the ideas and concepts of oneself. Mind mapping helps in structuring information to make a better analysis of the concept. There are different tools to make your own ideal mind mapping. But I’m here to give you a suggestion of making a mind map using MS Word.

We have two ways to make mind maps on MS- Word.

1. Using Shapes

  • Launch Ms-word on your PC and choose Insert option from the toolbar.
  • Then select Shapes and choose a shape from the drop-down menu.

Using Shapes Ms-Word

  • Next, draw the shape and right-click on it to choose Add Text.
  • Add the required information.

Adding text in shapes

  • Repeat the above steps to create your ideas.

Note: To draw a line for relating the ideas, just go to Insert-> Shapes and choose the line from the menu. And to repeat the last action press ctrl + y.

2. Using Ms-Word Smart Art

  • On Ms-Word, go to Insert -> Smart Art and choose Hierarchy or Relationship option.
  • Then choose an outline and edit it accordingly to your idea.

Mind mapping using smartart

These two methods help you to create mind mapping with ease.