Best Cross – Browser Testing Tools 2023

Best Cross – Browser Testing Tools

It’s important to test your web application performance whether it performs well in various web browsers or we deliver the consistent user experience for which you require a cross-browser compatibility testing tool.

What is Cross – Browser Testing Tool?

Cross-browser testing is a testing tool that is used to test the web applications and websites work across various browsers. This testing ensures the performance of the website and checks whether we deliver a flawless responsive and consistent user experience.

This testing ensures that your sites are working for many users and verifies your application compatibility with different browsers. Also, you need to test whether it applies to both web & mobile applications.

Here is a list of the best Cross-browser testing tools you need for testing your web application.

  1. Experitest
  2. LambdaTest
  3. BrowserShots
  4. Cross-Browser testing tool by SmartBear
  5. TestingBot
  6. Browserling
  7. IE Tester
  8. Saucelab
  9. Functionize
  10. BrowerStack

1. Experitest

  • It delivers a flawless mobile & Web application test.
  • Experitest offers an attractive free test to access & performs visual testing to verify UI responsiveness across different resolutions.
  • It creates and executes manual and automated tests on various browsers and it runs on Selenium & Appium test on 1000+ browsers.
  • It provides a lightweight configuration and interacts with real-time debugging.


2. Lambda Test

  • It is cross-browser testing in the cloud and it performs live interactive or automated testing on 2000+ real browsers and online operating systems.
  • It automatically performs browser tests and executes selenium script online and that ensures your user’s experience across various browsers and operating systems.
  • You can get a free lifetime pack and also LambdaTest offers web & mobile browser automation for $99.

Lambda Test

3. BrowserShots

  • BrowserShot makes screenshots of your web design in different operating systems and browsers.
  • It is a free open-source online web application providing developers with to test their browser compatibility.


4. Cross-browser testing tool by SmartBear

  • It offers both manual and automated testing using selenium.
  • It gives you to access the latest browsers and devices that ensure your customer’s experience.
  • You can run hundreds of tests at once on multiple browsers to increase test coverage.
  • Run automated screenshots on your website across multiple browsers.
  • It can interact with the browser extension and debug front-end errors.

Cross-browser testing tool by SmartBear

5. TestingBot

  • It provides you with hundreds of browser versions, which you can instantly start using for live and automated testing.
  • It also provides visual testing to test responsive layouts, and screenshot comparisons on different browsers and devices.
  • TestingBots has been providing one of the first Cloud-based selenium grids to improve its service.


6. Browserling

  • You can interact with the browserling.
  • Run real desktop browsers in virtual machines.
  • Access to the latest browsers instantly and you can capture, save, and share screenshots of your webpages in all browsers.
  • you can use reverse-proxy your localhost or server into browserling with SSH tunnel.
  • You can bookmark your favorite browsers and start testing with one single click.
  • You can embed browsers in your own application and automate them via an API.
  • It provides a free trial before you buy this and it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


7. IE Tester

IE Tester is free for both personal and professional usage. It can be used to test websites on E11, E10, E9, E8, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

IE Tester

8. Sauce Lab

  • It is the world’s largest Cloud-based test platform used to live, automated and continuous testing for Web and Mobile apps.
  • It provided advanced analytics that pinpoints the test failure and debugging tool helps to identify the issues quickly, improving release velocity.
  • SauceLab provides the Coverage, Scalability, and analytics needed to rapidly deliver a flawless digital experience.

Sauce Lab

9. Functionize

  • It helps to expose your business to incalculable risk and increases the accuracy and efficiency of testers.
  • It is unique from others in its vast use of artificial intelligence.
  • It provides details on browser’s runtime errors and browser-specific anomalities and also it is ideal for visual testing of web apps.


10. BrowserStack

  • It gives your users a seamless experience by testing on 2000+ real devices and browsers.
  • It focuses on selenium and it is one of the most popular tools in a Cloud-based testing tool.


Hope this article is helpful to choose the best cross-browser testing tool to increase their test coverage and deliver a more consistent user experience across all web browsers. If you have any other tool suggestions let me know in the comments. Thank you…