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When I started my blogging career, I really struggled a lot when I tried to reply to business emails. Because I don’t know English very well and nobody is there to correct the grammar in the sentences as well.

Many companies contacted me for a product review article and I missed so many opportunities.

So in this article, I list some good words to reply back sponsored post emails if you received one.

If you use Chrome browser, make sure to install the Canned Replies extension. This extension helped me a lot when I tried to send business emails. You can save the replies as a template and use them when you reply to Gmail emails.

Canned Reply Emails

1. If Someone asks you to write a product review article

You have to reply like this.

Hi [Client Name],

I am [Your name] from [Website name]. Thank you for contacting us.

We only allow paid posts. 

We usually charge [Price 1] for One Do-Follow link and [Price 2] for Two No-Follow links (If you write an article by yourself).

If you are interested, let's talk about it further,

If you have a fruitful discussion with them, you will get good orders from them. If they ask about TAT (Turnaround time), inform it.

If someone ask you to be a early adopter of their product, think it’s works for you or not and take decision.

Words for English Learners

Fruitful – Producing helpful/good results. Fruitful discussion – The discussion was productive and resulted in new solutions/ideas.

TAT – (Turnaround time) is the amount of time taken to complete a process

Early adopter (n) – a person who purchase/using new service or product as soon as its becomes available. He tries the new product before customer does.

2. If you want to reject the request

If you want to inform bad news or rejection to your clients, you can use an expression like “I regret to inform you that “.

Words for English Learners

Regret – Feeling sadness about something.

3. If they gave quick response to your Emails.

Say “Thank you for the prompt reply”.

Words for English Learners

Prompt (adj) – Immediate. Quick. Done without delay.

I keep updating this article with the new content I get from my clients email conversations. So whenever you open this article, you will get some new information about sponsored post email reply .

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