Top Frameworks to Create WordPress Theme Options Panel

Top Frameworks to Create WordPress Theme Options PanelWordPress Themes options page saves lots of time in Editing. Many premium themes offer different kinds of theme options page to customize and handle the WordPress theme. But if we need any specific functions and controls in our theme, we need to create our own theme options panel for our WordPress theme.

I am already listing some Frameworks to create WordPress themes. But they provide a default theme options panel. So I decided to list top frameworks to create a WordPress theme options panel.
Slightly Modded Options framework (SMOF)
Slightly Modded Options Framework produce modern looking theme options page to control all over WordPress theme functions.
This Framework offers many features such as Drag and Drop slider, Background patterns, Media library uploader, etc.
This is the best Framework for WordPress Theme developers.
Upthemes Framework
Upthemes Framework is a powerful lightweight theme options Framework that contains an extensible engine for SEO. This Framework offer options to control custom layouts, color schemes, header, and background images. It also supports multiple languages.
Fluent Framework
NHP theme options Framework is a simple and extendable theme option Framework. NHP Theme Options Framework offers many features such as extendable validation classes, build in field types, custom error and warning handling, custom tab sections, and import/export theme option settings.
Options Framework theme
Another Framework to create a WordPress theme options panel is the options Framework theme. This Framework easily integrates with any WordPress theme. This Framework offer options such as text, text area, check box, ratio buttons, multi check, typography, images instead of ratio buttons, and editor.
My option panel
My option panel Framework provides input fields, text area, select Dropdown, Wysiwyg editor, date picker, time picker, typography fileds, and Drag and Drop. It also offers import and export features.
Redux Framework
Redux is a simple extendable options Framework created based on NHP theme options Framework. This Framework also offers all over features such as multiple layout field types, WordPress settings API use, over-ridden fields using call back functions, custom validation error handling, Hook points for customization, import, and the export function, etc.
Cheezcap is Another Framework to create a custom theme admin panel.
Some plugins also offer to create a WordPress theme options panel. They are the Options Framework Plugin and the OptionTree plugin.
Options Framework
Options framework plugin is an easy way to build a WordPress theme options panel. It provides a complete tutorial to create and customize theme options.
OptionTree is a theme options UI builder for WordPress. It offers a silky theme options layout. OptionTree plugin sponsored by ThemeForest (Largest WordPress theme market place on web).

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