InDesign Really Slow? Here’s how to fix it

InDesign Really Slow? Here’s how to fix itIs your InDesign software running really slow and freezes? I faced exactly the same issue.  When you start to create a book or document in Indesign it works smoothly. But if your document pages get heavy by adding a lot of text, images, and links, Indesign runs slow and takes a lot of system computing power.

I searched Google and found lots and a lot of tutorials and tips to optimize Indesign performance.

1. Turn OFF Preflight Check

The Preflight monitors the documents and catches the issues in overset texts, missing links, missing fonts, etc.,  So removing this helps in making your document editing faster.

  • Tap on Windows -> Output -> Preflight.
  • Then Uncheck the ON Tickbox.

Turn OFF Preflight Check

Shortcut Key: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F. To open the Preflight dialogue box.

2. Set the Default Performance to Typical

Reducing display performance helps Indesign to get its speed.

  • Go to Edit Menu and scroll down to choose Preferences.
  • Then tap on Display Performance.
  • Now from the Display performance section, set the Default View to Typical.

Set the Default Performance to Typical

3. Turn OFF Previews in Pages Panel

InDesign uses a tiny bit of the system resources to create a small preview in the Pages Panel whenever you upload content in InDesign. So, turning off this option may help you increase your Indesign speed.

  • In Pages Panel, select the three lines from the top right corner and choose Panel Options.
  • Uncheck the “Show Thumbnails” options.

Turn OFF Preview option

4. Turn OFF Live Hyperlink Check

If this option is enabled on your Indesign software, each time you add a new hyperlink it will check its status. So it takes some system process. Turning off this option helps to achieve software speed.

Turn OFF Live Hyperlink Check

  • Go to Windows -> Interactive -> Hyperlink.
  • From the Hyperlink Panel, click on the Hamburger icon (Three lines from the right corner) and unselect the “Auto Update URL Status”.

5. Disable “Save Preview Images” Option

Turn off the Preview image option if you want to save small system resources.

  • Go to Edit -> Preferences -> File Handling.
  • Uncheck Always Save Preview Images with Documents option.

6. Set Live Screen Drawing to Delayed

Set Live Screen Drawing to Delayed

  • Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Interface.
  • From the Interface dialogue box, Set the Live Screen Drawing option to Delayed at the bottom.

7. Turn OFF the link Check Links Before Opening the Document

Turn Off Links Check Link Before Opening Document

  • Tap on Edit -> Preferences -> File Handling.
  • In Links, untick Check Links Before Opening Document. 

8. Adjust Preview Quality

Downgrading the preview quality may help you to boost your InDesign. In InDesign, the default option for Display performance is set to “Typical Display”. So change the options as follows.

Adjust Preview Quality

  • Tap on View -> Display Performance.
  • Now change the option to your wish either to High-Quality Display or Fast Display.

Shortcut Keys to adjust the Display Performance:

  • Fast Display: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Z
  • High-Quality Display: Ctrl+Alt+H
  • Typical Display: Ctrl +Alt+ Z

These tips will help you to speed up your InDesign software. If you have any doubts, let me know through your comments.

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