How to Install ElectronJS and Node.js


How to Install ElectronJS and Node.js

Windows Tutorial


  1. Visit Node.js official page.
  2. Tap Node.js Recommended version.Node.js official page
  3. Double-click the setup file.
    setup file
  4. Tap Install and then follow the command.install Node.js
  5. Finally tap finish.
  6. Now you can see Node.js command on your Window.

Test it

Check out whether Node and npm are installed by running simple commands to know about their versions. Use command prompt

First test node by

$ node -v

Test NPM by

$ npm -v

Node and npm installation


Run the following commands to install electron globally.

$ mkdir electron-app

$ cd electron-app

This command is specially used to create an individual file for electron js.

Note: electron-app is my file name.

$ npm init -y

create an individual file for electron jsThis command for creating package.json

$ npm install electron -g

$ npm install

This command is for installing npm.

$ npm install electron -save

This command is used to install it as a development dependency in your apps.

This is the final command for install electron js.

$ electron

install electron jsNow your electron js will be created.

electron js

If you want to install and runElectron API Demos,

Download and Install Git on your System.

On your command panel, run the following codes.

$ git clone
$ cd electron-api-demos
$ npm install
$ npm start

That’s all.

Hope those command will be useful to you. if any doubts regarding this tutorial share with us through command.

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