How to Install Flutter in Windows 10, 7

how to install flutter windows 10

Step 1: Install Flutter 

First download flutter for Windows from the official website. It’s just a zip file (file size approximately 697 MB).
Extract this file in your hard drive.

That’s it.

Note: Place files inside the directory like  “C:\src\flutterapp” and do not place files inside directories like  “C:\Program Files\” which require elevated privileges.

Step 2: Set the Flutter installation path in the Environment variable

  1. In Windows search bar type env (To open Edit the System environment variables. It will open System Properties -> Advanced Tab.)
  2. Choose Environment variables.
  3. In User variable for [Your_User_Name] section, Click Edit button.
  4. Click New button and paste your flutter directory with bin folder (Here my installation location is C:\src\flutter\bin)
  5. Now click Okay to confirm your action.

Additionally, open the Command panel and Type/Run  flutter doctor -v to test the installation.

Restart the System to refresh the environment variables or use an alternative way (refresh the environment variable without reboot Windows.

Step 3: Install Android Studio

You can use any one of the code editors like Visual Studio code, IntelliJ IDEA to develop Flutter apps. But you must install Android Studio in your PC. Because using Android Studio,  you can easily install different Android SDK platforms like Android 5.1 (Lolipop) or Android 8. (Oreo) on your computer

If you don’t install these SDKs in your PC, you can’t use your Android device to test your Flutter apps.

install Android Studio and install SDKs platforms from Tools-> SDK Manager.

Then install Flutter and Dart plugins via File menu ->Settings -> Plugins.

Now your device ready to develop flutter apps.

Step 4: Try to create Dummy App for test

1.File -> New -> New Flutter Project -> Flutter Application

Error : If you get “flutter sdk path not given” error, choose your flutter directory in Flutter SDK Path (Mine: C:\src\flutter)

2. Android Studio will silently download some required files. So it will take some time to show the app UI.

3. Connect your Android phone. Tap the Allow Debugging option on your phone when it shows/popup.

4. Click Run button on Android studio.  click the Allow button on your phone to install the test app on your device.

If you want to use another code editors

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is one of the easy code editor to develop Flutter apps. Download free IntelliJ IDEA community edition and install in your computer.

If you want to setup this software for Dart and Flutter, its super easy. Just install Dart and Flutter and enter the path. I mean original Flutter installation directory and Dart path inside the Flutter folder.