How to Change Launcher App Icon in Flutter


How to change Launcher app icon in Flutter

In this article, we will see How to change the launcher app icon in Flutter. Let’s start it.

  • For creating the Launcher icon use Android Asset Studio for editing.
  • Tap Launcher icon generator.
  • Some default icons will be there if you want you can use them.
  • By using the Image tap you can insert an image. Text tap is used to insert a text.
  • Use the Padding option to reduce and increase its size.
  • Tap download to save the launcher icon then it will save in Zip format.
  • Open Zip file > res.
  • Select the mipmap files and copy them.

mipmap files

  • And then save it in another folder then again select the mipmap and Cut it.
  • Now move to your program and then.
  • Tap Android > app > src > main > res > paste the mipmap files.

paste the mipmap files

  • Open androidmainfest.xml  file.

 androidmainfest.xml file

  • Set your app name in android:label.
  • In android:icon enter your filename which you saved in Android Asset Studio

change the launcher app icon in Flutter