15 Super Easy Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts for Graphic Designers

graphic designers photoshop shortcuts for windows

Adobe Photoshop is the best tool and manipulating software and it is essential for all graphic designers and Web designers. In photoshop, we can create a template for YouTube, WordPress, and Banner in different ways. Then you can save the file in different forms like PSD, JPEG, PNG, etc.

If you are a full-time graphic designer, then you already might know the basic and latest shortcuts in photoshop. This is the right place to know about the photoshop shortcuts. This will reduce the searching and finding time in the tool.

Are you using the same methods to find and click the tool in photoshop? If yes, Come on! It’s time to go back to know about some common shortcuts in photoshop.

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Keyboard Shortcuts:

  1. Ctrl +N – Create New Document
  2. Ctrl + Shift +N –  Create New Layer
  3. Ctrl + J – Layer Copy/ Duplicate layer
  4. Shift +G – Gradient
  5. Alt + Backspace – Fill a color
  6. Ctrl +Alt+ A –  Select all layers
  7. Ctrl + D – Deselection
  8. V – Move tool
  9. Shift + T – Text Type Tool 
  10. Ctrl + W – Close document or Window
  11. Ctrl + T – Transform
  12. Shift + E – Eraser tool
  13. Ctrl + Z – Undo
  14. Ctrl + Alt + Z – Undo (Many)
  15. Ctrl + Shift + Z- Redo
1. Create New Document:  Ctrl + N

Do you want to create a new document in a Photoshop project? Then use this keyboard shortcut to create a new document with template size. It will quickly create a new document and save time.

2. Create New Layer:  Ctrl + Shift + N

Using this shortcut you can easily create a new layer. You can see the new layer created on the layer panel menu on the right side of the screen. We usually create a new layer from the layer panel menu. It really takes time to create a new layer. Most of them like to work with keyboard shortcuts. If you are one? Then follow this shortcut to create a new layer.

3. Duplicate Layer:  Ctrl + J

It’s a quick shortcut when you want to copy the layer or duplicate the layer. First, select the layer and then press the Ctrl + J option. It will automatically create a duplicate layer on the last selected layer of the panel.

4. Gradient & Paint bucket Tool: Shift + G

To easily choose or select the gradient color, Choose the Paint bucket tool, 3D Material Drop Tool in a short way. For that, First, select the layer and then press the Shift + G keys on the keyboard. Once you press the Shift + G key, it will activate one tool like a gradient. Now, if you want to select a paint bucket tool then long-press the Shift key and press the G key to choose the paint bucket tool. In the same way, we can choose the 3D Material drop tool.

Once the gradient tool is selected, then apply the gradient, or else you can also change the gradient color. Then select the gradient color at the top of the gradient tool on the screen. After selecting the Paint Bucket Tool, then fill the color in the selected area.

5. Fill a color: Alt + Backspace

On the keyboard, just press the Alt + Backspace keys to fill the color in the background or else use the shortcut for a particular layer with the foreground color. If you want to change the color in the foreground, then go back to the foreground color and set the color which you want to fill. It is very useful to fill the color because it will also save time and will give you a professional look.

6. Select All: Ctrl + Alt + A

It is a simple thing to select all the layers of the document. This Ctrl + Alt + A shortcut will quickly select all layers from the panel. In that, you can simply group the layer from the selection, or else you can delete the layer in the shortcut.

7. Deselection: Ctrl + D

Ctrl + D  will basically deselect the tool in the document. If you selected any unwanted tool in the left side panel, this shortcut will definitely deselect the tool in the document.

8. Move Tool: V

All graphic designers must know the move tool shortcut. This move tool shortcut is necessary for all designers. It allows you to move the selected layer from the mouse. We can easily drag the image to anywhere on the template. For that, just click and drag the image or layer to alternate the place.

9. Text: Shift + T

This text tool will definitely be useful for all web designers and others. All must know the basic shortcut tool for text. For all editing purposes, we need some attractive text beyond the template work. So, you can try this shortcut to type the text in the panel. For that, just press the Shift + T keys and click the mouse in the document.

10. Close document or Window: Ctrl + W

Many of you already know about the Ctrl + W key to close the windows. But in Photoshop, it not only closes the windows but also it will ask for the option like whether to save the project or not? You can give according to your wish. Two in one know.

11. Transform: Ctrl + T

It will easily transform the image or layer in a quick way. And also we can move the image or layer in this shortcut method. You can use this shortcut for all editing processes. It is very important for all photoshop users.

12. Eraser Tool: Shift + E

Do you want to select the eraser tool in a simple way? Then here you can see the shortcut method to the Eraser tool, Background eraser tool, Magic eraser tool. For that, First, select the layer and then simply press the Shift + E key to activate the tool like the eraser tool. If you want to select any other subtool in the eraser tool, then long-press the Shift key and E key together to choose the Background eraser tool. In the same way, you select the Magic eraser tool.

13. Undo: Ctrl + Z

Most web designers already know about the Ctrl + Z shortcut method. It is nothing but this shortcut will go back to the previous step which you have done. And also it will help to delete the last edit of the process. It is the easiest and fastest way to undo the last process in the shortcut method. It will definitely save time and reduce the working time on the photoshop shortcut.

14. Undo (Many): Ctrl + Alt + Z

I’m damn sure this will definitely save some precious time to go back to the last edit of the document. If you want to go back to a couple of undo or else to delete the last edit of the document,  just press the Ctrl + Alt + Z key to go to the start process.

15. Redo: Ctrl + Shift + Z

This shortcut allows you to move one step forward to the working process. However, if you have to get back the deleted image or layer. You can use this simple shortcut to redo the work process.

Guys, these shortcuts are only for windows. If you are a Mac user, then nothing to worry about. You just have to press the Command Key instead of the Ctrl Key. Simple right!!

Text-Based Shortcut Keys

Turn everything to caps letter( lowercase to Uppercase)  – Control + Shift + K

Tips & Tricks

Tip 1: Easy Way to select Particular layers

If you have multiple layers, and icons in your photoshop files and you want to select some of them in one side of the documents, then

Select the Move Tool (v). Then Press and hold the “Ctrl” key.

Click the left mouse key and try to draw a rectangle. After you selected the layers. Release the “Ctrl key” & mouse click.

Now your Layer will be selected. That’s all.

Final verdict:

I hope that you all have learned something new about keyboard shortcuts in photoshop. And then this article is helpful to use these shortcuts for upcoming projects. And if you know any other best shortcut key that is essential and super easy then, kindly share those shortcuts in the comments section below. Thank you and keep supporting webapptiv.com.