Top PHP Frameworks to Build Content Management System


Top PHP Frameworks to Build Content Management System

Php frameworks are the best way to build content management websites, without a lot of effort.
Top Php Frameworks for Content Management Web Design

PHP Frameworks to Build Content Management System

Yii framework
Yii framework is a modern lightweight PHP framework to support all kinds of things. If you wish to learn any best PHP frameworks which support all scripts such as ajax, jQuery I suggest the Yii framework first. Yii framework has a large community and a lot of plugins to develop content management websites. It takes care of all major things such as SQL injection and input validation.

Codeigniter is a lightweight PHP framework to build the most powerful content management websites. If you think to learn the best two Php frameworks, I  suggest this one. Many Codeigniter-based content management web design video tutorials and e-books available online. So you can easily learn Codeigniter using these kinds of tools. Codeigniter has a large community to clear your Codeigniter based doubts.
Fuel (Community driven PHP Framework)
Fuel is a simple MVC (Model-view-controller) framework based on a community-driven PHP framework that implements an HMVC pattern. Major contributors to the Fuel framework are Philip Sturgeon and Dan Horrigan who also contribute the Codeigniter framework.
Fuel framework has features such as URL routing system, form, and data validation features, caching system, cross-site scripting protection, template parsing, and HMVC implementation.

CakePHP is a rapid development PHP framework that uses active record, MVC, and association data mapping. It offers less code to build the best content management websites. CakePHP has a built-in tool to check input validation, SQL injection prevention, CSRF protection, and more.
Zend Framework
Leading business and enterprise based opensource PHP framework for modern high performing PHP applications. Zend offers several tools to develop websites. It offers tools to build more and reliable, modern web 2.0 applications.

Symfony is another light Php framework, only requires two writing folders to configure the security level. It has unlimited flexibility to build a powerful content management system. one of the world’s most famous open source content management systems Drupal uses Symfony components. But Symfony supports all kinds of scripts and systems excerpt templates system.
Webasyst Framework
Webasyst is an open-source PHP framework to build content management websites and multi-user web applications. This PHP framework offer lot of ready to use tools to create user management and UI building.
Webasyst PHP framework offers all major features to build a content management website.

Agavi Framework
Agavi is one of the powerful PHP frameworks which follows the MVC (Model-view-controller) paradigm. Agavi has all major things for content management web design.
Kohana PHP framework
Another elegant HMVC PHP framework provides a rich set of tools to build the best web applications. It has good debugging and profiling tools to identify and solve performance issues.
Agile Toolkit
Agile Toolkit is another PHP framework inspired by desktop toolkits such as Qt and .NET. It mostly supports jQuery integration. It also has a community to solve your agile toolkit based problems.
Silex – PHP Micro Framework
Silex is a micro PHP framework based on Symfony 2 components. It’s released based on an MIT license.
These PHP frameworks are really useful to build the most powerful content management websites. If you know any other best PHP framework do let us via comment.