25 Best Ping Sites to Improve your Blog Indexing


 Best Ping Sites to Improve your Blog Indexing

Pinging service is necessary to Webmasters. This site pinging is very useful to get your blog indexing in various directories and search engines.  Most of the Bloggers and SEO experts having trouble to index their sites. So in this article, I gonna share you the Best Ping tools to improve your website indexing faster.

What is Ping?

Ping is an amazing tool to index your site faster and notifies in multiple search engine that your website is updated. Webmasters can index their web content more conventionally through hundreds of search engines.

Why to Ping your Site?

Pinging sites are quite popular because of the ability to get blogs, URLs and backlinks indexed by major search engines, increases the traffic to a greater extent and it can help you to reach a new audience.

Note: Too many pinging may allow your website to block by the search engines and other directories.

How to use Ping?

  • Choose the Pinging site.
  • Enter your blog or website URL to index in search engines and directories.
  • Now, Click on Save Button to submit the ping.
  • After a few minutes, you will receive a confirmation message from the site.

How to use Ping?

A single click is enough to crawl your website. Now, you can get your site indexed within 24 hours by search engines crawler or any other directories.

25 Best Ping Sites to Index your Blog Faster:

Ping sites are also used as tools for SEO.  Here, I have covered the top 25 lists of ping website where you can ping your blog URL.

S.No Ping Sites Description
1 Site24x7 Ping your website for availability from multiple locations worldwide.
2 Autopinger It is a free service to ping your blogs to most available blog/podcast search engines.
3 Ping-O-Matic It’s a simple interface which makes it user-friendly.
4 Ping.IN  It is a blog ping service that pings or notifies Weblog Services such as Blog Search Engines and directories that your blog has been updated.
5 Feed Shark It is a free online tool that easily promotes your blog or website.
6 Total ping You can index your site to international services.
7 Twingly It will be notified every time you write a new blog post.
8 PingFarm Mass Ping Site that lets you ping as many URLs as you wish.
9  PingthatBlog It improves your blog popularity by pinging many XML-RPC blog ping servers.
10 Pingler By using this, you can define your own pining servers if you want.
11 MyPagerank.Net It enables webmasters easily to know and post PageRank on their pages without any Toolbar.
12 BlogBuzzer   It is a tool that allows you to “ping” your blog to all directories and search engines for free.
13 GooglePing To index your new content asap before someone else grab that content.
14 MassPing It’s a free online tool that easily promotes your blog or website and automatically pings in 70 different search engines.
15 Pingdom This makes web performance management easy.
16 USEme It will automatically ping your link / URL to different websites.
17 Domain Pinger It will Ping your domain to huge different websites and it gives thousands of Backlinks.
18 Freelinksubmitter It generates your Website Backlinks for FREE.
19 IndexKings It gives you many one way backlinks and Rapidly gets your URLs indexed by Google.
20 Backlinkpings It helps to improve both offline and online optimization in search engines.
21 SmallSEOTools It’s a free SEO tool to ping your website.
22 PingBomb Free SEO Tools helps you to get started on the right path to growing your search traffic.
23 Pingoat It’s a service that pings or notifies a number of services that keep track of weblogs.
24 PingmyURL It automatically submits your site to a large number of Social bookmarking sites.
25 Pingsitemap It will ping the search engines and web services to notify your new or updated site.

These Ping sites help you to index your website in different search engines and directories very fastly.  Hope you have got enough site list to improve your Blog.