Top 20 Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts for Quick Video Editing

Premiere pro keyboard shortcuts keys beginners and video editor

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the finest video editing software programs. This helps to edit the video, add audio and adjust the lighting to create a wonderful video to present on the screens. Most video editors make their videos lively with the help of Premiere Pro. If you are a beginner or looking for quick video editing shortcut keys, this is for you. Yes, here I’ll give you the easy and useful keyboard shortcut keys for Premiere Pro. It will reduce the time spent editing the video. So let’s scroll down the page to get your shortcut keys.

Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts:

  1. Ctrl+Alt+N                –         Create New Project
  2. Ctrl+N                          –         New Sequence
  3. Ctrl+I                            –          Import file
  4. G                                      –          Audio Gain
  5. Ctrl+R                           –         Clip speed duration
  6. M                                      –         To Create a Marker
  7. L                                        –          Playback Speed Fast Forward
  8. J                                        –          Playback speed Reverse Forward
  9. K                                       –          Pause
  10. C                                        –         To split the sequence
  11. V                                        –         Selection Tool
  12. D                                        –         Select the playhead
  13. Shift+Delete               –         Ripple Delete
  14. Ctrl+A                             –        Select All
  15. Ctrl+Shift+A               –         Deselect All
  16. Ctrl+S                             –         Save Project
  17. Ctrl+Z                             –         Undo Project
  18. T                                         –         Text tool
  19. Ctrl+M                            –         Export media
  20. Ctrl+Q                             –         Exit Project (Premiere Pro)
1. Create New Project: ( Ctrl+Alt+N)

Do you want to create a new project in Premiere Pro? Then, use these ( Ctrl+Alt+N) shortcuts to create your new project quickly.

2. New Sequence: (Ctrl+N)

If you want to set or adjust your video sequence like frame size, and aspect ratio while editing, simply press (Ctrl+N) to go directly to the sequence set.

3.Import File: (Ctrl+I)

To import, a new file into a project, simply press (Ctrl+I) to easily import a new file.

4. Audio Gain: (G)

Do you have any issues with the audio volume? For example, if your audio file has low and high volume levels, tap on the (G) to adjust the audio level.

5.Clip Speed duration: (Ctrl+R) 

Do you want to change the clip speed? Then press (Ctrl+R) to bring up a pop-up where you can adjust the speed and duration of your own clip.

6. To create Marker: (M)

When previewing a video or audio editing in Premiere Pro, if you make any changes to a specific video part, you can use a marker (M) to easily notify the specific part that you want to edit or add something else.

7. Playback Speed Fast Forward: (L)

In your editing, repeat playback will take more time. To quickly check, press (L) to increase the playback speed.

8. Playback speed Reverse Fast Forward: (J)

If you want to reverse the playback speed in your video, simply press (J).

9. Pause: (K)

Do you want to pause the video? Then, in the timeline, press (K) to pause playback.

10. Razor Tool: (C )

The Razor tool is used to split a clip into a timeline. If you want to quickly split a clip, simply press the (C) key.

11. Selection Tool : (V)

If you want to select a specific clip or transition. Just press (V) to select the clips in the timeline.

12. Select the play head: (D)

To select the play head in the timeline, press the (D) key on your keyboard.

13. Ripple Delete: (Shift+Delete)

When we delete the selected clip in the timeline, a gap between the two clips is created. So you can press (Shift+Delete) to quickly remove the clip without a gap.

14. Select All: (Ctrl+A)

Many of you already know the (Ctrl+A) shortcut. This helps to select all clips, files, and transitions using this shortcut key.

15. Deselect All: ( Ctrl+Shift+A )

If you have all of your files or clips selected in the Project panel, you can deselect all of them by pressing (Ctrl+Shift+A).

16. Save Project: (Ctrl+S)

These keyboard shortcuts are must-know for all editors. If you want to save your project, press (Ctrl + S) to save it.

17. Undo Project: (Ctrl+Z)

It will help to go back to the last or previous editing process. If you accidentally delete or want to undo your project, just press (Ctrl+Z).

18. Text Tool: (T)

If you want to text in a project, you can press (T) to create the text easily.

19. Export media: (Ctrl+M)

Do you want to export files? Then, using the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+M), navigate to the Export media page.

20. Exit Project (Premiere Pro): (Ctrl+Q)

Once you have finished all your work or have gone to another application, simply press (Ctrl+Q) to quit the project.

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That’s it, guys. These are the simplest and most wanted shortcut keys for those looking for fast and effective editing in Premiere Pro. Please let me know if you know of any other shortcuts that I haven’t mentioned here through the comments section below. And please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support.