SEO Friendly URL Structure For Your Blogs & Websites (Ultimate Guide)

Every bloggers and SEO really need to know SEO URL (SEO friendly URL structure) to boost their traffic and visitors. But most of them do not know it’s real use. If your blog or website does not have an SEO friendly URL, your website definitely loses some percentage of rank and visitors in search engine.
What is the SEO URL (SEO Friendly URL) Structure?

seo friendly urls for Blogs and websites

SEO friendly URL structure provides keyword information about your blog post or website page to search engines. It’s really useful to boost your website traffic in search engines such as Google, yahoo, bing, Baidu, etc.
Many people confuse to assign their blog or website URL structure for SEO. So here I am trying to provide the right kind of SEO URL structure details from the world’s most famous blog and websites URL structure comparison.

SEO URL Structure For General and Technology blogs

World Most Famous Technology blog – URL structure for SEO
Sample URL Structure: “” running based on WordPress content management system. Amit Agarwal provides Url structure for his blog as
http://Website name/category/only keyword-based words form post /page id
Amit Agarwal provides a different kind of SEO structure for his post
Example Url
Heading: “How to Write a Yii App for your Website in 5 Minutes”
SEO Title: “How to Create Yii Apps and Extensions for your Website – Tutorial”
Usage for this SEO URL (SEO friendly URL ) Structure for search engine optimization is

  • the category also one of the ways to increase traffic, one-time work always provide major category based keyword traffic
  • keywords based shortened URL increase the main keyword-based traffic
  • page id for this URL structure really useful to assign this same keyword for another post example: . So you set your website to focus on the most valuable keywords using different posts with the same URL structure.
  • WordPress page id really useful to shorten your post URL to share in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus example:
  • This URL structure does not have any date details to show how old is this post.

SEO URL Structure For Marketing and Search engine blogs
Search Engine Based blog – URL structure for SEO
Their blog sample Url Structure is:
Search engine journal is one of the most famous search engine optimization based blogs.
search engine journal have Url structure for their blog as
http://Website name/SEO friendly title based URL /page id
Their blog URL structure is the same as the URL structure. But a little bit of change. They not add any category details to their URL. So their blog URL structure make search engine based optimizations are

  • Their blog URL does not directly provide date information for their visitors.
  • They create SEO friendly titles for their post. So they do not need any keyword-based URL change for search engine optimization.
  • Their URL structure has page id. So they can easily assign the same URL title for another post.

Matt Cutts (Head of webspam at Google) – blog URL Structure for SEO
Matt Cutts working in Google . So he must know some important rules about SEO. His blog has URL structure as
http://Website name/blog/SEO friendly title based URL
Usage for this blog structure as

  • This blog URL structure has named as a blog (example: /blog/). So news published websites such as Google news easily understand what kind of post is this and it’s really useful to increase blog traffic via news websites.
  • This blog has a simple URL structure. So it’s another way to fewer search engines works.

Here you must mind one thing. Matt Cutts is the most famous person on the internet. So most people know his blog. So Matt Cutts’s blog does not need any additional qualifications to get its traffic.
SEO URL Structure For News blogs
News based blog – URL structure for SEO is one of the world’s most famous news blogs. So they defiantly concentrate on their blog traffic to fight other news blogs such as,
Mashable blog have an URL structure like
http://Website name/date/only keyword-based short words form post/
General Usage for this URL Structure as,

  • This is a News based website. So they must provide news data via URL.
  • This dates really useful to understand search engines as to which blog first released the important news.
  • This dates really increase year based search traffic. Example: someone tries to find the best software in 2013 via their search, if your post has 2013 in URL your blog definitely get traffic via this kind of search.
  • This blog has big titles and a small URL. So this thing makes some kind of SEO work as well.

News based blog – URL structure for SEO
Techcrunch blog have an URL structure most same as mashable such as
http://Website name/date/SEO friendly title based URL/
SEO URL Structure For Multi Topic-based Blogs
Reviews, News, tech, downloads Based blog-
Cnet is one of the world’s most famous blogs and websites to download software, read the tech, and general news. They make their blog URL structure for SEO as
Review based posting URL structure: name/product/SEO friendly title based URL /id
News based posting URL structure: name/id/SEO friendly title based URL /id
download based posting URL structure: name/software name/id.html?tag related structure
Online TV Chanel based posting URL structure : Their tv name/tags
Evergreen content (How to) based URL structure: name/id/SEO friendly title based URL
Finally, if you want to change your website or blogs URL structure to as SEO friendly

  • Decide the right URL structure for this kind of blog.
  • Does not change your URL continually. It definitely affects your website traffic in search engines. Because your website URL lost its social media optimization.
  • If you did not set any right kind of redirect option for your old postings (after changing your website or blog URL structure), your blog definitely gets many crawl errors. So this loses your website traffic and visitors.

So be careful to change your URL structure for SEO. Consider guidelines and increase your traffic very well in search engines.