How to Sort Names in Alphabetical order in Excel


How to Sort Names in Alphabetical order in Excel

Today we are going to learn “How to sort Names Alphabetically in MS- Excel. And I’m having a few easy ways to do this.

1. Arranging Names Alphabetically

  • Open Ms-Excel and select the column with the name list.
  • Next, tap on Data and in Sort & Filter choose an option to sort your name list.
  • Or else you can see this option on the Home page at the top right corner.

Arranging Names Alphabetically

2. Arranging Names with details Alphabetically

At times, when you sort the names Alphabetically the details may mess up. But don’t worry I’m here to sort that with ease.

Arranging details Alphabetically

  • Select the column with the name list and click on the options as said above.
  • Now you could see a pop-up “Sort Warning” message. From that choose “Expand the Selection” and tap on Sort.

Sort warnig

  • Then a dialogue box will appear, change the settings accordingly and tap on OK.
  • This helps to sort out the names and details correctly.

change settings

Now let me tell you how to split a single row into different columns and make those columns into different rows.

1. Split Single Row into different Columns

  • Select the row and tap on Data -> Text To Column option.
  • From the pop-up wizard, select Delimited and then tap on Next.

Split row into columns

  • Next, select a Delimiter from the list and hit Finish to complete the process.

Select a Delimiter

2. Split different columns into different Rows

Split Columns into rows

  • After completing the process, copy the columns by pressing ctrl+c.
  • Then tap on a box and press ctrl +Alt + V or right-click on the mouse and tap on Paste Special. Then choose Transpose and tap on Ok.
  • Now the columns will be split as rows.