Fix Asus Laptop Error: EzFlash Check System Power error: Please Plug in AC Adapter

Fix Asus Laptop Error EzFlash - “Check System Power error Please Plug in AC Adapter”Pin

Recently, most ASUS laptop users have reported the common error. When they turn on their laptop, they get the “EzFlash Check System Power error: Please Plugin AC Adapter” error message instead of the Windows login screen.

I faced the exact same issue. Then I found the solution for this problem in Google. The solution is update the BIOS in your Asus laptop.

If restarting the laptop doesn’t fix the issue, then try the following instructions to get rid of the issue:

EzFlash - Check System Power error: Please Plugin AC AdapterPin

Why does this problem happen? 

This is an ASUS BIOS utility error based on EZFlash. It means your laptop wants a new BIOS update. Follow the steps to upgrade your ASUS BIOS ROM:

  • Power on your ASUS laptop.
  • Plugin the power cord to your laptop when you get the ASUS BIOS error message.
  • Then click on the “Ok” button to upgrade the BIOS.
  • The windows will reboot automatically once the upgrade is completed.
  • Now your laptop will run without any error messages.

If the BIOS update takes a huge amount of time, then follow the below steps to update the BIOS manually.

  • On your ASUS laptop, launch the WinFlash software.
  • Now, click on Yes to start the BIOS Flash Program.
  • On the WinFlash window, choose the “Next” option.

Note: Make sure the Power Adapter is Plugged in.

BIOS updatePin
  • Now, Click on the “Update” option.
  • Wait till the BIOS update process gets completed.
  • After the update, click on the “Exit” option for auto-reboot and continue with the Windows screen.
BIOS update processPin

I hope this tutorial will solved your ASUS laptop problem. If you are still unable to boot your laptop after the BIOS update, then contact ASUS Customer Support or check in with your nearest authorized ASUS assistance. If you have any suggestions or queries, let me know in the comments. Thank you…

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