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Best SEO Tools to Check Website Review & SEO Status

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Learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best way to make money and visitors for bloggers, web designers, web developers, and Professional SEO workers. Most of the peoples include web designers and bloggers does not now about Basic SEO methods. That’s why they lose their traffic and visitors. So I am decided to list the best SEO software and SEO analyzing websites for SEO works.

How to Find Your Website or Blog SEO Status

Use WooRank.com and SEMrush.com for Complete Blog or Website SEO analysis. You can find the current SEO status for your Website / Blog and your website gets guaranteed backlinks. These Backlinks are very useful to increase your website traffic. Because these kinds of websites have Google page rank 6 and minimum domain authority 68 to 78 for 100. So your website based these links quickly indexed in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. If your website name does not index in secondary search engines like Bing and yahoo, these links help to index your site in other search engines.
These software’s and websites are very useful to analysis your website or blog,

  • Traffic
  • Alexa Rank and Page Rank
  • How many pages indexed in Google and Bing
  • Social monitoring and mobile optimization
  • Keywords in Google position
  • SEO based URL and robots.txt file
  • Best keywords, Competitors in Google
  • Text/Html ratio, Backlinks details
  • 404 error page details
  • Print-friendly CSS details
  • Website page size and loading time
  • Dublin core status
  • W3C validity and Encoding
  • DMOZ listing details
  • Find Your page Authority, Domain Authority
  • HTML heading details (<H1> to <H6> for SEO) and more.

Best SEO Software for SEO analysis

URI Valet

URl Valet is the best tool to check server headers to find Text to HTML ratio, Internal links, External links, Meta tag information. URL valet provides a complete chart to find HTML, CSS, Images, CSS Images, Multimedia content, XML, and scripts Qty.

Google’s Keyword Tool 

Any keyword analysis tools do not equal to Google’s keyword tool. Because this keyword tool produces results based on Google search results. You can find category and country-based Google search engine results. These results very useful to increase location-based search results for your website. So you can find profitable keywords for Google SEO.

Google Webmaster Tool 

If you did not set your website in the Google Webmaster tool, you can’t find your website problems based on Google search. Google webmaster tool offers crawl error details, malware on your site, search queries, crawl status, internal links, and more. You can also optimize your website page index in Google search results using Fetch as a Google option.

Google webmaster tools have a lot of features. But here I am explained a few of them.

Google Analytics 

If you want to find your complete visitors' details based on search queries, Google analytic is the best choice. Google Analytics provides lots of details to find visitors and their keywords, Adsence details, In-Page analysis, and more. So you can find past and current visitors' details using Google analytics.

Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis offers free and paid SEO software. But its free version provides all major SEO details about your website. So you can find your SEO details from various countries based on Google, Bing, Yahoo search engines. If you want to use any free SEO software I recommended Traffic Travis. Otherwise use SEOmoz for corporate-based website analysis works. Also many keyword analysis tools available online. But Free Monitor for Google like some keyword analysis tools still famous.

Website Speed Test Tools


Pingdom is the best online website speed testing tool. This application provides speed-related details about your website which script or plugin reduces your website speed.

Learn Basic SEO Methods

Google directly show How Google Search Works. So first of all learn all SEO basics. Because SEO professional peoples first use basic SEO methods to increase website and blog traffic. They made SEO works based on their own search knowledge. You can also make SEO works without this software. Basic On-page optimization is best for starting SEO works. Also learn Google PandaPenguin algorithms, and only White hat SEO methods.

Best WordPress SEO plugins

If your website runs under WordPress.org use free SEO plugins like WordPress SEOAll in One SEO Pack, and paid SEO plugin SEOPressor. These plugins really help to make your SEO work on WordPress websites.

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