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Change/Reset WordPress Password From phpMyAdmin & MySQL


ChangeReset WordPress Password From phpMyAdmin & MySQLPinIf you are unable to reset/change your WordPress login password, follow the easy step to reset password in your database using phpMyAdmin and MySQL from cPanel.

How to Reset WordPress Password from PHPMyAdmin and MySQL?

Normally, If you forgot your password, you can recover your Password in WordPress Password Recovery feature by email. But WordPress site fails to send an email correctly.

In that case, you need to reset your password in the database. However, In this article, you can reset WordPress Password using the phpMyAdmin and MySQL Web Interface.

Quick and Easy Steps to Reset WordPress Password in phpMyAdmin:

  • Login your hosting cPanel.
  • Now, Select the phpMyAdmin in database.
  • Then, Choose WordPress Database.
  • On that Select wp_users option.

Reset WordPress Password in phpMyAdminPin

  • Here, Choose the User to whom you need to reset the password.
  • On the user_pass field, change the function as MD5.

Reset WordPress Password in phpMyAdminPin

  • Now, Enter your New Password in the value section.
  • Finally, Click on “Go” to Reset it.

Steps to Reset WordPress Password in MySQL:

  • Go to¬†SQL section in phpMyAdmin.
  • Now, Enter the below-Query in the Query Box.
UPDATE `wp_users` SET `user_pass`= MD5(New password) WHERE `user_login`='yourusername';

Note: Give your new password in place of “New password” and replace “yourusername” with your WordPress username.

  • Finally, Click on “Go” to Reset it.

Reset WordPress Password in MySQLPin

So, you have successfully changed your password. You can now login WordPress with your new password. I hope you found this tutorial helpful to unlock your WordPress blog.

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