English Words to Talk About Companies and Their Products

I hope these words will help you to write an article about companies, their work, staff, and their products.

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1: Starting a Business

Are you interested in starting your own company? or do you want to work as a self-employed, freelancer or an employee in a particular company?

Are you interested in working with Google? They were formerly BackRub and the company was set up in the 1998 by Larry Page (Former CEO) and Sergey Brin. The firm has expanded in the last 15 years. The headquarters of the firm are in Mountain View, California.

If you set up a company and do not care about it, your customers will start buying from a rival company instead of yours. If you wark hard, one day it might take off.

Words for English Learners

  • Formerly -In the past, In earlier times
  • Set up – started (used about an organization or company)
  • Former – Having previously been a particular person/thing. Former CEO -old CEO/employee
  • Firm – Company or Business
  • Expanded – Became Bigger
  • Headquarters – The place where the main office is
  • Rival company (phrasal verb)  – Rival means a person/company or business whom you are competing/fighting against in the same area
  • Take off – Became successful/popular.

2. Talk About Products

I can make top-notch web apps. If your company product is good for instance, you can get loyal customers. If your Product shipped far, they need aseptic packaging.

Words for English Learners

Top-notch  – of the highest quality, very high standard or quality.

For instance – For Example.

Aseptic (adj) Packing – Is a process by which microorganisms like bacteria's are prevented  from entering a package during and after packaging.

3. If you join in a Work

If you try to search for a job in a company, you may get one doubt. What kind of company do you have to choose? There are 2 kinds of companies – product-based companies like Google or Zoho and Service-based companies like IBM, and Wipro. Mostly product-based companies give a big raise and the work pressure is low.

If you join any work, they will give you a contract to sign. You have to pore over the contract. Make sure don't slack off, otherwise, you will be dismissed. If you work hard and earn experience, you will get a job with a competitive salary and generous benefits.

I used to study  B.Sc maths degree at Nandha Arts and Science College, Erode. At that time finding a job was a difficult task for youngsters. Also, there is no law for minimum wage. So I used to work a menial job in order to earn a living.

In my life being an employee does not a suitable job for me. First I started my career as a multimedia trainer. I worked in 2 companies and then planned to run a business with 2 persons. Then it dawned on me, that working alone is the right way for me. If I work for someone, they do not treat me very well. Whenever I ask to raise my salary, I brace myself for a new insult. For the past 13 years, daily I have been working on a computer. My job is very tiring. Also, I learned to be independent. Because I can't rely on other people to make my life decisions.

When I watch American movies and try to understand what they saying, I can't understand most of the words. Because they are mumbling.

Words for English Learners

Pore over (phrasal verb) – Read or study something very carefully.

  • Slack off – To do something (work) more slowly or with less energy than before.
  • Competitive Salary – The salary is high compared to the market value of the position.
  • Generous benefits – extra benefits like rent allowance, health insurance, etc.
  • Minimum wage – Minimum salary required by law.
  • Menial (adj) job – Job requires low skill
  • Earn a living – Get enough money to survive.
  • Dawned on (phrasal verb) – To begin to understand/realize for the first time.
  • Brace (yourself) for something – To prepare mentally or physically for something unpleasant
  • Tiring (adj) – Cause one to need sleep or rest
  • Rely on – depend on
  • Mumbling – Speaking in a quiet and not clear way. Fast talkers.

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