How to Increase Your Website and Blog Traffic?

Increase Your Website and Blog TrafficPin

I started a Technology news blog last month. I am promoting the contents via several social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Posting links to 10-20 related FB groups, Google+ communities, etc. But even after one month, it’s world ranking stood at above 4 lakh and getting 100 visitors/day only(if there’s posting). I am fed up with the process.
One year back, I started another blog in regional language. For that, I was able to get a world ranking within 1,50,000 by the first month.
I would like to know, what’s the error with my work? How can I drive more traffic to my site?
Any detailed guidance is appreciated
Provide Your Blog CMS and Blog main category topics related details. Also, answer this question.
Are you already have any Google, Bing webmaster accounts, Google Analytics, or Statcounter account?
I have all these a/cs except analytics. I am using WordPress CMS and Blog's main category is Technology, Social Media News, Mobile & Gadgets.
Social sharing methods only provide temporary traffic. SEO friendly websites automatically get traffic from all over the world.
So concentrate to create the best useful content which provides all kinds of information based on one topic.
First, you need to optimize your website & posting for organic search engine traffic.

Increase Website loading speed

Check website speed using Google PageSpeed Insights.
Use Leverage browser caching and enable gzip Compression to increase site loading speed.
Optimize your site images using CSS sprites.
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Submit Your website sitemap to Google, Bing, Baidu & Yandex

Search Engines are suggested to submit website sitemap to increase web crawling.
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Provide Author Information in search results

It increases search engine traffic by up to 150%.
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Use Social sharing’s & SEO Extensions

Share your post in Google Plus, Google Plus groups, Facebook, Facebook groups, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest.
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Use SEO friendly Title, description, images, and content

Make webpage title and description contains keywords.
Use sort custom URLs that contain keywords only.

1. Google guide for URL structure.
2. Google guide for site title and description.

Add Google custom search, RSS Feed burner subscription, Email Newsletter Signup

Replace ordinary search box with Google Custom search.
Create RSS Feedburner account for your site and add a Feedburner subscription box in your site sidebar.
Provide your post notification using Email Newsletter.
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Also, create evergreen contents, encourage users to comment on your posts. Find the most famous blogs in your blog category and follow their trends, join bloggers community, and increase friends who share and like your posts.
These things definitely increase your site ranking within 2 or 3 months.

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