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Learn American English: Best Courses, Books & YouTube Channels


Learning English gives you lots and lots of work and social life opportunities. If you know English very well, you can get a good IT job, foreign clients for your business, run blogs, create e-books, Udemy courses, and communicate with other people around the world.

When I started my English learning journey in 2007, I could not find any best English learning materials and resources. It took me 12 years to find the right courses, and material to learn American English in a fun and easy way. Some of the courses are paid and some of them are free. I found that paid materials are awesome to learn and understand American English when compared to free materials. But you can learn American English with the free materials too if you spend too much time on them, continuously to learn English. I hope the following channel list will help you to learn English quickly.

Best Premium English Learning Courses

Espresso English by Shayna Oliveira – (Strongly recommended. Very good lessons to learn American slang)

I learned a few of her books. Everything is awesome. Especially her “Slang & Informal English' book is wonderful. She teaches American English words in an easy-to-understand way. First, visit her website. Download and try the sample books. If you enjoy it, then purchase the rest of the materials.

All Ears English (Strongly recommended. Podcasts with PDF)

If you want to learn American English, you have to learn about their cultures, daily activities, and work life. You can learn all these things through All Ears English podcasts. First, when I started to learn English by listening to their podcasts, two American woman's Lindsay McMahon and Gabby Wallace English conversations helped me a lot. Now there are other people like Michelle, Jessica, and Aubrey also teaching English via podcasts. They also have an official YouTube channel. In this article, I mentioned their channel in the YouTube section.

Effortless English (formerly Learn Real English – Strongly recommended)

This is the first course that guided me in the right English learning direction. Their English learning system is a unique and powerful one. A.J. Hoge is a famous English learning teacher from all around the world because of his unique teaching skills.

Their course contains podcasts and a PDF version of the podcast. Each lesson contains English conversations, a vocabulary version of the conversation, a mini-story, and point-of-view lessons.

Their point of view (POV) lessons are very useful for learning English grammar in your subconscious mind without learning hard grammar rules. Yet I am grateful for their course.

City Grammar by English Club TV

City Grammar coursePin

I am sure no one taught me grammar this way. It is awesome. Learn English grammar by watching videos shot in England streets. Lovely English teacher Cheryl Lowes will teach you grammar very well by showing the London people, buildings and street activities. You can watch their videos online for free or purchase their English club TV episodes.

American English File

American English FilePin

American English File is an Oxford University Press-based English learning course. This is the best course to learn American culture, and their daily routine life tasks like eating cereals, doing household chores, visiting state parks, etc. This course offers separate books for students and teachers. If you want to fully read and understand the book, you also have to listen to audio conversations and have to watch video lessons.

Podcasts & Radio Programs

The American Life

The American Life is the most popular weekly hour-long radio show hosted by Ira Glass (WBEZ Radio station). It contains true life stories and interviews about the American people.

Mobile apps that allow you to talk to other English Learners


If you want to join different English learning communities and meet other English learners, you should install and use the Hilokal app. This app allows you to create your own English learning group, add people to the conversation who listening to your group conversations, and more. With the help of this app, you can meet the people around them who learning English.

Story Books

Oxford Classic Tales

Story books are great resource, if you want to learn new, simple English words every day. Oxford Classic Tales contains popular English stories like Aladdin, Cinderella, Pinocchio, etc. Easy stories have their own illustrations. The stories are not long. You can read them in 10 to 15 pages.

Free Resources

Voice of America

Voice of America is American American-based news site. But they also run a sub-domain site: learningenglish.voanews.com for English learners. You can find selective news with English learning words based on beginners, intermediate and advanced level learners, and English learning videos on their site.

AE American English (Official American State Government Website)

If you want to try the English learning materials from the official American state gov, then you can try this website. Here they offer English teaching forums, a Trace Effects Game Novels (10 years before you can download 3D from their website. Now they only offer its novel versions), Free Textbooks, and other resources.

YouTube channels to learn American English

  • Learn English With TV Series  (I recommended) – Best YouTube channel to learn English by watching American Movies, TV series, and album songs. They also created an app named RealLife App to call other language learners like you. It's a free service. Every day you can call some other English learners and talk to them in English. So don't miss it.
  • City Grammar (I recommended) – Most people think learning English grammar is boring. But if you want to write an article in English, and reply to business emails you need to learn grammar. City Grammar course videos shot in England streets. They explained grammar using people activities. So it is definitely a fun way to learn grammar. They put some videos on YouTube. But you can watch all their video collection on their website.
  • VOA Learning English – Official English learning channel from the voice of America to learn common English mistakes, English news reports, technology reports, and health, and education reports.
  • JamesESL English Lessons (engVid) – engvid.com based YouTube channel. A lot of teachers are available here to teach English.
  • All Ears English – This is an official YouTube channel for the All Ears English podcast course. You can learn American English by watching their free videos.
  • Learn English with EnglishClass101.com – Good channel to learn American English based on the holiday, pictures, and videos.
  • Jennifer ESL – Learn slang, basic English grammar, pronunciation, and verb tenses.
  • Learn American English
  • Cheryl Posey – Good place to learn American English pronunciation.
  • Rachel’s English – Another American English pronunciation-based YouTube channel for non-native English speakers.
  • Daily English – Learn daily easy English expressions.
  • EnglishAnyone – Learn real English from native speakers.
  • Twominute English – learn English in 2-minute lessons.

Best American English Dictionaries

The New Oxford American Dictionary – The most famous one to learn American English words.

The American Heritage Dictionary: Fifth Edition – If you have already bought NewOxford Dictionary then another choice is this one.

English Learning Advice from Non-Native English Speaker

Hi, I am a non-native English speaker from India. These are the things I realized when I tried to learn English very hard.

My Advice

  • Listening to English-learning podcasts when you do your computer work or eat is not going to work. Because you won't listen to podcast conversations very well.
  • Watch a YouTube short about American English conversations like technology and public behaviors like theft, accidents, and how people behave when something happens. If you find new work you do not know, like “Karan”, search the word in a Google search like “define Karan”. Do the same thing every day. Within a month, you will learn a lot of new American English words.
  • You can also find interesting videos about products and the world economy on LinkedIn's “Economic Forums.”. Watch those videos every day. Whenever you find new words, just Google them.

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