11 Best Markdown Editors (Free/Paid) for Windows & Mac

There are lots and lots of markdown editors available online. some of them are free and open source. Some of them is a paid versions. In this article, I mentioned both free and paid versions. Don't worry. Everything I mentioned here is a good software tool. I checked most of the tools and each one has unique options to create and publish .md files very fast.

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Free Markdown Editors

Abricotine – Best Markdown Editor

(But in my case the app not opening after the first use. Better than Typora paid editor)

Very easy to use and distraction-free software to create markdown files. You can write your content in full-screen mode. It will automatically preview the content when you type. Get a quick preview of Images, and videos very fast. You can also preview the document in the browser using the “View -> View Document in browser” option.

It also has the following unique features:-

  • Table of contents – It also offers a Table of contents. So you can easily navigate the part of the content.
  • Copy as HTML – Select the text in the editor and choose the “Edit-> Copy as HTML” option. It will provide content in HTML format. So you can easily insert that content in any HTML file.
  • Dark mode – Switch between light and Dark mode via View -> Theme option.
  • Auto Saving – Enable the auto-saving feature via File -> Auto Saving.
  • Spell Check – It also offers a spell check feature. You can access this feature using “Edit -> Spelling” and select the language.
  • Export the markdown files as HTML or GitHub templates.

Other Markdown Tools You Should Try

  • Haroopad – Another one of the free Markdown editors. It displays the word count. It comes with a lot of themes. You can set up your email account and send the content to someone with a couple of clicks.
  • Front Matter – If you want to create a static website with static site generator tools like HUGO, Jekyll,11ty, and Gatsby this is the best tool to write content in markdown format. You can install this as a VS code extension and write the blog post content.
  • ZETTLR – I did not try it. But most people mentioned this on the internet.
  • Ghostwriter – It's available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.
  • MacDown (for Mac) – The open-source markdown editor for Mac users.

Paid Markdown Editors

Typora ($14.99)

Typora is one of the best Markdown editors available online. It's just like Abricotine. But compared to Typora, I think Abricotine is the best editor based on its easy-to-use functionalities. I found one of the biggest mistakes in Typora. After I exported my content to an HTML file, it take the file name in the title tag. Because of this that page was not indexed and performed very well in Google searches.


  • When I try to use the spell checker feature in Abricotine, it did not suggest any right spelling for the word. Also, it did not show the words count. But Typora did those things.
  • It renders content as an HTML file based on the theme you selected in the Themes menu (GitHub, Newsprint, night, etc.). By default, it comes with 5 themes. You can download and install as many as them you want in Typora themes. You can also create your own theme.
  • Another one of the important feature is,  just select the text and just right-click and apply paragraph styles, links, etc.

Other Paid Markdown editors

  • Markdown Monster ($59) – Its offers live preview, and export markdown as PDF or HTML. You can directly publish your markdown content to your blog like WordPress, Medium or Jekyll.
  • Obsidan is a note-taking app which uses Markdown to write notes.
  • If you want a markdown Editor for iPhone, iPad & Mac, try BEAR, Caret ($29), Ulysses.

Online Markdown Editors

If you really hate installing new software on your system and you just want to use the online version markdown editor, use any one of the following editors.

Slack Edit – Famous online editor to create and edit .md file.

Dillinger – Another one of the online markdown editors comes with a lot of useful options like PDF export, preview output as a HTML version in a new tab, and save your files in online storage like Google Drive, Github, Medium, One Drive, etc. You can also import your file from that online storage.

Note: You can directly convert and print markdown format content on a webpage using markdown page js library (If you want).

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