10 Best Free/Paid Minimal WordPress Themes for Bloggers

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As a blogger, I know how much time it takes to find the right WordPress theme for your blog. If you want to build a blog to get more organic traffic, fast page loading speed, and AdSense clicks, the Minimal WordPress theme is a better choice for you.

Please Note: If you want to increase your website loading speed and get 100/100 in the Google Page Speed Test, you also have to install the premium WordPress plugin, WP Rocket. It offers lots and lots of functionalities like page caching, minifying CSS and JS, deferring CSS and, JS, and removing unwanted CSS. CDN options and lazy load images. You can almost replace 7 to 10 free WordPress plugins using the WP Rocket plugin. For SEO, my recommendation is Rank Math SEO.

Free or Premium WordPress Theme? Which one suitable for you?

If you want a theme for your personal blog that does not earn any money, go for the free one. But if you are a professional blogger who currently earning money from Google AdSense and affiliate programs, then premium WordPress like GeneratePress and Astra is really suitable for your blog. Because they offer a lot of customizations and features and the theme designers build these themes based on Google page speed suggestions. If you read the whole article, you will find why premium these are better when compared to free themes.

Free Minimal WordPress Themes

It's really hard if you want to find a good minimal theme on WordPress.org's free themes page. Because selective bloggers have an interest in using minimal themes in their blogs. So few minimal themes are available with outdated designs. When I searched Google, I realized this issue. So I listed the 10 best WordPress minimal blog themes that are suitable for modern blogs. Some of them free and some of them paid version. Free version themes are enough for bloggers who started their blogging career or people who want to use their personal blogs. But if you are a professional blogger, you have to consider other things like theme and template customizations.

1. MinimalistBlogger

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MinimalistBlogger is a responsive WordPress for news Websites and blogs. You can write anything you want, like lifestyle, food, travel, or movies. It offers sidebars, so you can place AdSense ads in a sidebar widget.

2. Twenty Twenty-Three (block-based)

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It's a block-based theme that comes with a default WordPress installation. If you want to customize this theme, just go to appearance -> editor. Now customize the website appearance, colors, typography, and home page. If you want to add tabs, accordions, buttons, or price tables, just install Gutenberg block plugins.

3. Arke

If you want a blog just focus on content, then Arke will be the best option for you. Because there are no sidebars, settings, or widgets on this theme. Your website definitely gets 100/100 on the Google Page Speed Test and Pingdom's Speed Test.

4. Less

If you know Less and you want a super minimal theme, then the Less WordPress theme is a perfect choice for you.

  • Single-column theme, No widget areas
  • Responsive layout, custom menu in header
  • Full-width images and large text for better reading

5. Legible (block-based)

Legible is a modern block-based WordPress theme for bloggers who only focus on content.

Paid Minimal WordPress Themes

If you are a professional blogger, you have to customize your WordPress website to meet your needs. Sometimes you need a sidebar, and sometimes you don't. Also, you will consider search engine rankings, page speed, mobile viewers, and better AD placements You can't expect too many features in free minimal themes. So you have to purchase a premium WordPress theme. But the problem with the premium WordPress theme is that it will have lots of page templates, home page designs, and complicated customizations that you don't need. Theme designers create these additional page templates to sell their themes to various people. but it also adds unwanted CSS and JS files.

You don't need to worry about theme customization and unwanted page templates, CSS, or JS files if you choose GeneratePress and Astra theme. You can download these premium themes free versions in WordPress.org free themes (GeneratePress, Astra,). But if you want to remove copyright text in the footer and use their full premium theme features, you have to purchase their premium plugins. These plugins provide options to customize the free theme. and it enables additional features like removing the footer copyright text, customizing the font, layout spacing, image radius, and whatever you want.

1. GeneratePress

If you search Google for fast-loading WordPress themes, you will find the GeneratePress theme in many articles. You may think they just promoted this theme to get an affiliate commission. But it's not true. The developers who built this theme mainly focused on minimal code and fast loading speeds.

You can build your own minimal home page design with block-based theme editing. In the future, easily convert your existing minimal design into a professional blog design using GeneratePress theme. You do not need to purchase the new theme. So you can save so much money and a lot of human effort.

2. Astra Pro – $47

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If you are looking for a good competitor to GeneratePress, you will find the Astra Pro theme. Both work like siblings. They offer the same kind of customization. and functionalities. But GeneratePress is over ahead. If people started to use the Astra theme, they would never change their WordPress theme.

Astra Pro is another best WordPress theme for minimal blogging. You can create/customize the home page, and category page templates and add visual elements like images, text, and WordPress post loops based on your needs.

3. Schematic – $69

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Schematic is a Premium WordPress theme built based on Minimalistic bloggers and WooCommerce people.

Key Features

  • Auto loading posts
  • WooComerce support, build-in AMP support
  • It does not use CSS frameworks like Bootstrap. So leaner CSS files.
  • Lazy load Images, low-quality image placeholders for thumbnails.

4. Maktub – $35

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Another Premium WordPress theme was created for typography and speed.

Key Features

  • Unique ‘Text Mode” that increases website rendering time.
  • Just require one additional plugin to use all theme features. That means its a super lightweight theme.
  • Translation ready
  • Lots of custom pages – 10 unique home pages and 4 post pages.
  • Full theme options panel and it offers built-in SEO.

5. SeedProd – $39.50

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Using the SeedPro theme, you can create your own minimalistic design.

Make sure protect your WordPress website from Hackers using these tips.

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