Namecheap Shared Hosting – cPanel Problems & Solutions

These are the problems I am faced when I use Namecheap shared hosting. Don’t think it’s a small list. I did not write down lots and lots of problems I previously faced. So I decided, whenever I faced a new issue and found a solution for that problem, I will add that one to this list.

namecheap shared hosting cpanel

Problems When trying to upload Files in cPanel

Problem 1:” An error occurred. Your account may be over its quota or you attempted to upload a folder” Error.

This problem mostly happened if you are using Cloudflare DNS.


Sol 1: Compress the files in zip format and try to upload the files.

Sol 2: Disable Cloudflare Proxy for your domain.

Warning Messages from Hosting Team

Problem 2: Warning: Your Hosting Account “testla” is Reaching its Backup Inodes Number Limit

One day, I received mail from Namecheap Hosting Team. They mentioned my hosting account reached Inodes Number Limit. Suddenly I can’t add new files to my hosting account. First, I can’t understand what they are saying and I don’t know how to solve this problem. Then I found the solution.

namecheap backup-innodes number limit.

Reason for this problem

This problem happened after I put a Laravel web app in my hosting account. That app uses many libraries and each library has many files. Basically, Namaechep offers 300000 inodes limits to the Stellar/Stellar Plus plans. You can see the usage counting in your Cpanel home page right sidebar under Statistics -> File Usage section.


Remove that web app, and unwanted files from your hosting account.

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