How to Upload Files to the Private Repository on Github (From your Computer)

If you created a public repository in your GitHub account, you can easily send your local code files to that repository without any additional setup.

But If you want to upload your files to a private repository, so that no one can see and access your code, you need to do some simple settings.

First, you need to generate SSH keys on your computer and you have to add that keys to your GitHub Account.

So that Github can understand, the system accessed that private repository is yours.


Step 1: You must install Git on your system & configure the git username and email

Before that, your system must have the Git application.

Make sure to Download and install the Git application on your system.
Open Cmd and type the following commands to set your username:& email address for Git

git config --global "FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME"
git config --global "[email protected]"

Replace the “FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME” with your actual name and “[email protected]” with your email address.

Step 2: Generate SSH keys on your computer and add that keys to your Github account.

To Generate SSH keys

Open Git Bash and paste the following code

$ ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C "[email protected]"

Just replace the email with your email.

Just press Enter, Enter, Enter

It will automatically generate the SSH key.

Now you have to add that SSH keys on your GitHub account 

  1. Then go to
  2. Sign into your account
  3. On the top right corner of the screen, click your profile image and Choose Settings.
  4. On the left side of the screen, you can see the “SSH and GPG keys” option in the Access section.
  5. Just click it.
  6. Press the New SSH key button and add the SSH keys you generated o your computer.

Step 3:  Create a private repository on GitHub and upload the files from your local computer to that repository

Now let's see how to upload files in a private repository

First, create a new private repository..

For that

  1. Go to and Sign into your account.
  2. Then Click the New button on the left side of the screen to create a new repository.
  3. Enter the repository name and select the Private option.
  4. Then click the  “Create repository” option.

Now you have a private repository without any files in it.

Then on your system, go to the folder you want to upload.

Right-click and choose “Git Bash here”. The type the following commands

git init
git add .
git status

Then you can find the following commands in your private repository, just select the SSH tab and copy and paste the following codes

git commit -m “first commit”
git branch -M main
git remote add origin [email protected]:”username with git”
git push -u origin main

That’s all. Your Files will be uploaded to that private repository.

Sometimes you will get an error message like this 

The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established.
ED25519 key fingerprint is SHA256:+DiY3wvvV6TuJJhbpZisF/zLDA0zPMSvHdkr4UvCOqU.
This key is not known by any other names
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no/[fingerprint])?

To fix this problem, just paste the following code in Git bash

ssh-keyscan >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts

Now try to push the code again using the following command

git push -u origin main


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