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15 Super Easy Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts for Graphic Designers

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Adobe Photoshop is the best tool for image manipulation and it is essential for all graphic designers and web designers to create a template for YouTube thumbnail, WordPress featured image, and social media banners etc. In this tutorial I listed 15 Super Easy time-saving Photoshop keyboard shortcuts for graphic designers.

If you are a full-time graphic designer, then you already might know the basic and latest shortcuts in photoshop. This is the right place to know about the photoshop shortcuts. This will reduce the searching and finding time in the tool.

Are you using the same methods to find and click the tool in Photoshop? If yes, Come on! It's time to go back to know about some common shortcuts in Photoshop.

Table of Contents

Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Ctrl +N – Create New Document
  2. Ctrl + Shift +N –  Create New Layer
  3. Ctrl + J – Layer Copy/ Duplicate layer
  4. Shift +G – Gradient
  5. Alt + Backspace – Fill a color
  6. Ctrl +Alt+ A –  Select all layers
  7. Ctrl + D – Deselection
  8. V – Move tool
  9. Shift + T – Text Type Tool 
  10. Ctrl + W – Close document or Window
  11. Ctrl + T – Transform
  12. Shift + E – Eraser tool
  13. Ctrl + Z – Undo
  14. Ctrl + Alt + Z – Undo (Many)
  15. Ctrl + Shift + Z- Redo

Extras Shortcuts

Control + Shift + K – Turn everything to a capital letter (lowercase to uppercase) – Text-Based Shortcut Keys

Guys, these shortcuts are only for windows. If you are a Mac user, then nothing to worry about. You just have to press the Command Key instead of the Ctrl Key. Simple right!!

Tips & Tricks

Tip 1: Easy Way to select Particular layers

If you have multiple layers, and icons in your photoshop files and you want to select some of them in one side of the documents, then,

  1. Select the Move Tool (v). Then press and hold the “Ctrl” key.
  2. Click the left mouse key and try to draw a rectangle. After you selected the layers, release the “Ctrl key” & mouse click.
  3. Now your Layers will be selected. That's all.

Tip 2: Change the Photoshop Default Save format to JPG

Go to File -> Export -> Export Preferences and set the “quick Export Format” to “JPG”.

Note: If you face any issues in Photoshop app, then refer our guide “Common Photoshop Problems & Solutions from Expert” to solve the problem.

Final verdict:

I hope that you all have learned something new about keyboard shortcuts in photoshop. And then this article is helpful to use these shortcuts for upcoming projects. And if you know any other best shortcut key that is essential and super easy then, kindly share those shortcuts in the comments section below. Thank you and keep supporting webapptiv.com.

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