Common Photoshop Problems & Solutions from Expert


Photoshop problems and solutions

Image Moving Issues

Problem 1: Opened 2 Images. Can’t drag and drop one image to another document

Mostly this problem happened because the image is in index format. You can check this when the image name appears as  “index” in Layers.

Or go to Image -> Mode and check “Indexed Color” is ticked.


Go to Image -Mode and change the mode to “RGB color”.  Now try to move your Image.

Problem 2:  “Scratch disk full” error when I try to create a new layer

When seeing an error like this in your Photoshop application, that means your hard disk running out of storage (which is used as a scratch disk).


Close Photoshop. When you click the Photoshop icon and its try to open the application, press and hold the Ctrl +Alt keys (for Mac click and hold the Cmd + Option keys)

A scratch disk preferences window will appear.

scratch disk full error photoshop

Select the different hard drive locations. That’s all.

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