Stay Away from these Worst VPS Hosting Companies [2023]

worst web hosting services

Internet provides a lot of good things. But it’s also contains a lot of scammers, bad people, and worst services. Most of the people really get confused when they try to purchase their first web hosting plan or changing the current hosting plan from shared to VPS or Dedicated hosting. The sad truth is they did not get any good advice or guidance from experience people. So they loose their money and ended up in worst VPS hosting providers.

Many bloggers earns money based on different online affiliates programs. So most of them won’t tell you which one is the right hosting service. They just promote the worst hosting services as the best ones. So you will end up purchasing the wrong hosting service and lose your money.

In this article, I listed some of the worst hosting provides you need to know. Its not any personal vengeance. We just need a good product and services. 

Worst Web Hosting Companies

#1. Kamatera (Unmanaged VPS hosting Scam)

When I want a VPS hosting plan, I did not know too much information about Unmanaged VPS hosting. So I searched a lot and finally decided to use the Kamatera CPS hosting trial. First, they got my credit card details and charged $2 twice 2×2 = $4 (but they mentioned they would charge $2 (1×2 = $2) for a verification process. I found this information when I saw my credit card statement.

Then I created a Server with Ubuntu OS and tried to install CloudPanel  software on Ubuntu server. I got a lot of errors. Also I can’t reinstall Ubuntu. There was no OS image option available after I created the server.

Then I terminated that server. Again I created another server and installed Ubuntu. This time, the total Ubuntu server froze with error. There is no option to get back. Finally, I closed the account. but I can’t remove my credit card information.

This is the biggest scam. Even they won’t provide any supporting articles in their website. When I searched Google, I couldn’t find their blog or any supporting guides.

So I raised a ticket. They replied in a mail like this “I can see this issue with the VPS. There is a kernel error. Please power off the server, terminate it, and create a new server.”.

Each time you create a server, they charge amount and add that expense in your billing.

kamatera scam

#2. Siteground (No proper Technical support)

This issue happened to my friend. Not me. When he gets errors and problems, their support them not answer very well (This happened every time). They always said, “Try to find a good developer to do this work”.

My Advice to Select a Good Hosting Service & Save Some Money

First, find a good hosting company that has blogs and supporting articles. All major hosting companies provides different kinds of technical supports like blog posts, supporting guides, documentations and community forums. If hosting company does not provide any documentation or supporting articles, it means they do not care about their customers. So avoid these kind of services.. 

Use free cPanel Software, if you want to save some money

First analyze their hosting package price details and server configuration details. Each extra addons like cPanel increases your hosting price.

Always choose managed VPS hosting, if you don’t have any technical skills. This will help you to get lot of technical support from your hosting company.

But if you already have some technical skills in web design or programming and you want to save some bucks, then choose unmanaged VPS hosting plan and use open-source cPanel software like “CloudPanel” or “CyperPanel”.

CloudPanel – Best Free cPanel software

Nowadays most of the web developers choosing CloudPanel software for its modern user interface and bug free coding. It offers lot of functionalities and great user experience. So you can easily host your WordPress sites, Static Pages, Python Apps, Node JS apps or create a reverse Proxy using this software. The only downside is this app did not offer email hosting. so you can’t create your domain based email account using this application.

System Requirements

  • Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish) or Debian 11
  • AMD processor

Follow the installation guide and install the CloudPanel software on our VPS hosting. After you install CloudPanel, you can access the panel via https://yourIpAddress:8443.

You may get the following errors when you try to install the Cloud Panel

“400 Bad Request The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port”. Ans: Add “https” in the url and try to load the login page.


CyperPanel is the best one if you just want to host WordPress sites. It offers a lot of features. Their lightspeed cache is best to handle multiple tasks compared to cloudPanel. But I heard they frequently update their software and users face bugs, and website down issues. So my choice is CloudPanel.

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