AI Programming for Beginners: Your Ultimate Guide to Starting Your AI Journey

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Are you interested in artificial intelligence but don't know where to start? Then this article will definitely help you get started with AI programming.

I'm a simple person, just like you, who's learning coding every day. But when I try to learn a new concept, I get stuck, just like you. Every day, there's a new technique, programming language, method, or software popping up on the internet, and everybody starts talking about it. Suddenly, they start writing blog posts and creating videos about these topics.

When you feel it's really interesting and exciting to learn, you get stuck with the advanced programming terms those people are using, because they started learning those things 5 to 10 years ago. So the words they use to explain these things are really advanced for us. As I said, I'm a person just like you, so I'll explain AI in a simple way.

The best examples of AI include Chat GPT, Godaddy chat box, Amazon chatbots, and Google Search, which can understand your search and provide exact results.

If you learn AI programming, you can create web apps like Chat GPT, apps that can analyze YouTube comments and provide a total count of positive and negative comments as well as emotions like anger, happiness, and sadness. In AI this is called “sentiment analysis”.  You can also create apps like language detection (determining whether the user typed in English or Spanish, for example). Many big companies have been using these technologies for over 10 to 20 years. Companies like Amazon, Google, and Bing use these technologies to understand user interests and provide related search results and recommended products. Amazon uses AI algorithms to provide tracking information.

Don't think that only big teams can create such apps. You can create your own versions of these apps (albeit mini-versions) within 1-3 months, especially if you already know Python programming.

Extra Note: When I try to learn machine learning via video tutorials, I found one of the best courses to learn machine learning online is  “Complete Machine Learning & Data Science Bootcamp 2023. It's worth trying.  Don't miss it.

Things you need to create AI apps

  • Knowledge of Python programming (at a basic or intermediate level). If you don't know Python, it's not a big deal, you can learn it in 2 to 3 months. If you already know another programming language, it may take just one month to learn Python.
  • Jupiter Notebook (It is not necessary, but it can save a lot of time when you're learning).
  • You also need knowledge of Python libraries such as Pandas (to access and display data in Excel sheet format from .csv files), numpy etc.
  • Basic Python concepts like a pickle (to store your trained English data in machine language like 0 and 1).
  • Also, you need to learn NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit), spaCy and scikit-learn.

You know, even though I already knew Python and had a simple understanding of how Jupyter Notebook works, I started to understand how to create practical machine learning apps after watching this awesome YouTube video “Build Natural Language Processing (NLP) model with Python” (which is great for beginners, and the author has even created a Udemy course on the topic).

If you want to start AI programming right now, just visit and log in with your Gmail account. Select the image project and choose the standard image model.

In the class 1 section, upload your own photos or take photos using your webcam. Make sure to take photos that have small differences, like having a pen or a cat in your hand, and upload them in class 2.

Next, click the Train model button in the Training section. Once it is created and trained, it will be able to distinguish between different images, such as a pen or a cat when shown in front of your webcam. You can watch these 3 videos (Gather, Train, Export) for a live example of how this web app works.

Congratulations, you have created your first AI app! Well done!

There are a lot of awesome Books & Courses available online for learning machine learning

If you want to learn AI programming, and machine learning, and create some apps or land a data scientist job, you have to work quickly in coding. To write your program faster, use Windows command prompt shortcut keys, Windows shortcut keys, and VS code shortcut keys.

Visual Studio Code is my favorite editor. If you are writing Python scripts in VS Code, make sure to learn some VS code tips and tricks as it will definitely increase your coding speed.

I always create personal web apps to make my content writing and video editing work easier and use Python scripts to automate my tasks. Currently, I am working on web scraping and natural language processing. If your learning path is related to my current learning path, you can follow me on LinkedIn and subscribe to my YouTube channel to get related content.

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