Best Windows Shortcut Keys for Programmers

Best Windows Shortcut Keys for ProgrammersPin

When you see professional software developers, they write code very fast, even if you can't understand what keys they are using. If you want to be a good programmer, you should avoid using a mouse and you have to learn lots and lots of keyboard shortcut keys to work very fast and save so much time.

But the shortcut keys are different for each OS, like Windows and Mac, and for each application, like VS Code, Photoshop, or After Effects.

In this tutorial, I list the best Windows shortcut keys for a programmer. If you want to learn Windows CMD commands, you can learn that from my other blog post.

Common Windows Shortcut Keys for Programmers

  • To Access Windows Task items: Windows + T
  • Access Windows Tray items, Select icons like sound, WiFi -> Windows + B
  • To open the start menus: Ctrl + Esc
  • Switch between Applications: Alt + Tab
  • Shutdown Windows: Al+ F4
  • To Take Screenshots: Windows + Shift + S

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Windows Explorer Shortcuts

To Open the Right-click menu for a File or Folder -> Shift + F10

Permanently delete the file (Delete the file without ending to Recycle Bin) -Shift + Delete

For Content Writers

Insert the link: Select the text and press Ctrl + K keys together (in content editors like WordPress or Gmail Reply) to insert the link.

To select text from the cursor: Use Shift +Up Arrow. You can also use the Home button to move the cursor at the beginning of the sentence.  When pressing the Shift key, use the Up and Down arrows to select multiple lines of text.

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I keep updating this article as much as possible. Every day I am working on coding, I find some new tricks and methods to create applications much faster.

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