My computer screen turns black some times


My computer screen turns black sometimes

For the last two-three days, I am facing a problem with my Samsung PC. Sometimes it turns to a black screen, even while working in word or the internet.

  1. Initially, it blinks (some times), later turns to a black screen completely. Restart is the only solution.
  2. After initial blinks, I can see that taskbar in black color, even though some programs are in the open stage.
  3. I scanned with anti-virus, malware fighters but no issues found.
  4. It happens both in a plugin or in battery power.
  5. some times it happens in each couple of minutes. But now I am working for more than one hour, but no problems found.

Mostly this problem happened because of your Windows explorer.exe not working.
Solution 1:
Click Start Button. Type Regedit in Search programs and files and press the Enter button. It opens the Windows registry editor.
Step 1
First backup your Windows registry using File -> Export.
Then navigate the following folders.

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT*shell (for specific file types)
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT*shellexContextMenuHandlers (also for specific file types)
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTAllFileSystemObjectsShellEx (for all context menus)
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDirectoryshell (for folders)
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDirectoryshellexContextMenuHandlers (also for folders)

Remove unwanted software folders like WinRar, 7-Zip, PowerISO, DropboxExt, small FTP. It’s mostly available inside ContextMenuHandlers or shell, shellex folder.
Windows registry editor
This thing makes most explorer.exe stopped working or not responding to problems. This method not affecting your system software. they still will work after deleting it from the registry
Step 2
Click the Start button. Type cmd. Right-click and choose Run as Administrator.
Type sfc /scannow
Install CCleaner and run registry fix in CCleaner. Selection item and click fix selected issues.
Solution 2: (If the mouse cursor still working)
If you are using Windows XP/ Windows 7 and you get a blank screen with a moving cursor,
Open Task manager using Ctrl + Alt + Delete shortcut.
Go to Applications. Click the New task button.
Type explorer.exe and press Enter. Now you will get the actual desktop screen.
Solution 3:
Restart your system. Press F8. It opens Advanced Boot options. Choose Safe Mode and press enter.
Click Start Button and type System Restore. Choose a Restore Point and press the Next button.
Because this problem will happen because of some newly installed software.
Solution 4 (If you are using old Monitor):
Sometimes this problem happened because of your old monitor. To reduce brightness. and increase brightness later, your problem will be solved.
Solution 5 :
Sometimes this problem happened because of your system Display the driver not responding.
If your problem not solved also refer to Windows Guide to Blank Screen.