Top 25 Free HTML5 & CSS3 Presentation Frameworks

 Free HTML5 & CSS3 Presentation Frameworks

Some Frameworks offer a way to create HTML5 powered web presentations for displaying in the browser. These Frameworks are the best web alternatives to MS PowerPoint and keynote.
Reveal.js (Demo)
Reveal.js is one of the best HTML presentation frameworks created by HAKIM EL HATTAB. Reveal.js provides a lot of attractive features such as nested slides, markdown contents, speaker notes, and PDF export. In this Framework, you can write responsive presentations using HTML or markdown.


Impress.js (Demo )
Impress.js is a CSS3 transition and transforms based presentation Framework for modern browsers.


io-2012-slides is a Google HTML5 slide template project developed by Luke Mahe and Marcin Wichary. You can create a simple and stylish slideshow presentation using io-2012-slides. It offers the features to add tables, slide with speaker notes, highlight the important sections of code, and slide with iframe.


Shower (Demo )
The shower is one of the best presentation engines build on HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript which support all modern browsers. It allows the creating of all kinds of lists, programming code highlights, tables, and inner navigation.


Inspire.js ( Previously known as CSSS ) – CSS based slideshow system
CSSS is a simple presentation system that only supports or works with the latest browsers(Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Chrome). So you can only create a modern web standard presentation.

Inspire.js -CSS based slideshow system

deck.js (Demo)
deck.js is a JavaScript library for building modern slide presentations. It offers simple and attractive transitions to build a better presentation.


Flowtime.js (Demo)
Flowtime.js is a presentation framework based on HTML/CSS3/JS. It provides better support for modern browsers.
Features: Code snippets highlight, native parallax support, fluid layout system, and alternative navigation control.


Fathom.js (Project No longer maintained) – Demo 
Fathom.js is a jQuery powered JavaScript Framework. You can create presentations using HTML and provide styles with CSS.


DZSlides (Demo )
DZSlides is one file in an HTML template system. You can build slides in HTML5 and CSS3 using DZSlides. You can include any text, images, video, or iframes inside the slides. DZSlides support touch events. So you can create mobile-friendly web slide shows.



Slides (Demo)
Simple presentation Framework to create beautiful presentations in HTML, JS, and OOCSS.



Scrolldesk.js is a jQuery plugin to create scrolling presentation desks.


Squeenote is a browser-based presentation engine to create live HTML5 presentations.




landslide (Demo)
landslide is a markdown based HTML5 slideshow generator. You can export your presentation as a PDF using PrinceXML.landslide

Pow is a simple web presentation tool. You can create a simple and powerful slide presentation using HTML and JavaScript.


Bespoke.js (Demo )
Beskpoke.js is a DIY presentation Micro Framework.


Scriptless-slides (Demo)
Another presentation library with scroll-based navigation. Stack under the BSD license.


CoderDeck (Demo)
Create interactive live coding HTML5 -based presentations using CoderDeck.


3D Cube Slideshow
3D Cube Slideshow is designed & developed by JoeMorgan. You can easily create 3D CSS transitions and transforms between slides using a 3D cube slideshow.

Luminescence is an application for generating simple slide presentations from markdown.

HTML Slidy
HTML Slidy offers to create PowerPoint like accessible slideshows in HTML and XHTML.

S5 (Demo)
S5 is a simple slide show system offer to create XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based slideshows.

Slippy (Demo)
Another HTML presentation Framework that supports syntax highlighting, incremental slides, and keyboard navigation.

Shining is a Framework to create awesome browser presentations in HTML, CSS & JS.

Slide down
Slide down offers to create syntax highlighted slide presentations from Markdown.

how presentation plugin for WordPress available now. So you can create HTML5 presentations in your WordPress blog. – Opensource online HTML5 Presentation Editor.