The Best free Web Scraping Tools for Extracting data (2023)

The Best free Web Scraping Tools for Extracting data (2022)

This article will make you learn the tools which are free of cost for scraping data from websites. These tools are simple and easy to learn and understand. I’m going to talk about the two best tools for scarping data.

  1. Data Miner
  2. Parse hub

Data Miner Google Extension

Data Miner or Scraper is an extension on Google, which helps to Scarpe data from all HTML webpages and gives you an Excel or Google sheet.

How Does it work?

This Scarper uses Xpath, JQuery, and CSS format to analysis data in HTML webpages and extracts files in the form of tables which can be saved as .csv, .xls sheets or google sheets. The Scarper supports UTF -8 (Unicode Character Encoding) which helps in scarping various files for different languages.


  • Scrape data from any HTML website without coding.
  • It crawls single and multi-pages.
  • Automatic navigation to the next page.
  • This helps to Scrape pages, videos, images, emails, address, etc.,
  • It supports International Language with UTF – 8.
  • Automatic form-filling using Xls data and scarping.
  • The scarping information is kept confidentially.

How to access Data Miner?

  • Open Chrome on your PC and browser for
  • Then tap on sign in and add your google account to access data miner.
  • After signing in enjoy scraping for free.
  • You can also add this to the Google extension.

Available Plans in Data Miner

  1. Free Plan
  2. Paid Plan

Free Plan

  • IT is free of cost and you could scrape 500 pages per month.
  • Automatically blocks scraping after 500 pages.
  • Renewals every 11th in a month.
  • You can scrape any Web pages without limitation.

Paid Plan

  • Paid plans come with various offers accordingly to user comfort.
  • See to know more about paid plans.
  • It has additional features than the free plan.

How to use Data Miner?

  • Add the Scarper to the extension list.
  • Then navigate to a site in which you have to scrape details.
  • Now click on Data Miner icon from the extension and tap on a new recipe to create one.
  • A Data miner window will be opened on your screen and then you can start scraping data with ease.
  • Once after scarping, you can download accordingly to your wish.

Parse Hub

Another way to extract data is by using this tool Parse Hub. It is a desktop tool which has access for platforms like Mac, Windows, Saas, Cloud, Web, etc., Parse Hub is a scraper tool helps in scraping websites. It was founded in the year 2013 and is located in Canada. This tool has both Free trial pack and paid pack as well.


  • It can scrape any interactive website.
  • Parse Hub collects and store data from JavaScript and AJAX pages.
  • This has an easy and graphic app interface.
  • It is a very powerful tool and a flexible tool for scarping.
  • It can extract email, image, IP address, Phone Number as well.
  • Advanced features like Pagination, infinite scrolling pages, pop-ups, and navigation which creates complex scrapers.
  • The desktop application works on Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  • It provides an easy and simple tutorial for beginners.

How to startup Parse Hub?

  • Open a web browser and search for
  • Then select the Download option and click on the platform that you need.
  • Once after downloading, complete the setup process and run Parse Hub on your desktop.
  • Now, learn how to use the app by watching the tutorial.
  • Finally, you will learn how to use Parse Hub without worries.

These tools will help you to scrape data without any coding risk. If you want to experience full scraping and more features try to use the paid version of these tools.

Note: We wrote this article for educational purposes to show how scraping tools works.