How to Set Up Perfect Lighting When Shooting YouTube Videos

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YouTubers who shoot a video have lots of things to deal with while selecting a Camera, Microphone, Tripod, and everything. Do you know what’s the one more important thing? It’s lighting that takes the video to the next level.  when you are a newbie in making a YouTube video, you will be confused about choosing better lights and you want perfect lighting.

Know about the Lighting Concepts and the Lighting Equipment here. It makes your videos look like professional YouTuber videos.

Basic lighting concepts

Learn about CRI (Color Rendering Index)

When you want to compare your light with sunlight you need a measurement called CRI.

Using high CRI lights ( 95> CRI)  makes objects look more natural and realistic. It is equal to the lighting of sunlight. So when the CRI is high in the lights the picture quality will be better and natural.

The CRI of the light differs from one another. When you know the value of CRI you can choose a better light that suits you.

Where high CRI lights are used?

High CRI lights are used in Filmmaking, video shooting, Museums, Art galleries, and jewelry stores. Normally our living room or kitchen doesn’t require high CRI lights.


      Achievable CRI

Incandescent / Halogen          >95
T8 Linear Fluorescent          75-85
Cool white Linear Fluorescent          62
Compact Fluorescent          82
Standard Metal Halide          65
Standard HPS          22
LED          80-98
                         CRI                     Rating
                         >90                     Great
                       80-90                     Very good
                       70-80                     Good
                       60-70                     Good
                       40-60                     Poor

Look how CRI changed the Image quality

CRI changed the Image qualityPin

Types of Light bulbs

Types of Light bulbsPin

Incandescent Bulbs (CRI > 95)

It is a normal old bulb which we know and is being used by people for decades.
It produces more heat and uses high voltage which increases electricity bill. It is very low in cost and the life cycle of the bulb is less. When you wish to shoot a video at a very Low-budget, then you can give it a try.

Halogen light (CRI > 95)

It is an advanced form of incandescent lights. It is very tiny and lightweight which is very low in cost, and it has an orangey shade that is very close to sunlight that will give a natural color to the video. When you want to shoot the video in the morning but then you have missed it. You don’t need to worry about it, you can use halogen light to get the natural glow of sunlight.

Fluorescent bulbs

Tube lights and curve-like tube lights, CFL lights come under the category of fluorescent bulbs. So this is mostly used in shops, offices, and workshops. So when you need a normal setup to shoot a video you can use this light which is low at a cost but a little bit higher than the incandescent bulbs.

LED light (Light Emitting Diode)

LED lights are used everywhere both indoors and outdoors. The tv backlighting, Phone display consists of LED. It is preferred the most in phone displays when compared to CFL lights. Since it gives a long battery life people go for LED. When you shoot a video, small LED lights with a stand give extra brightness to the video.

So, though we have gone through the types of light then we need to know the best lighting equipment which glazes the video.

Best lighting equipment

There are lots of Softboxes and light modifier mounts which are available both in online and offline markets. They are,

  • Elinchrom Mount
  • Bowens Mount (Also knowns as S-type Mount)
  • Bowens “s” Mount
  • Flashpoint Mount

Bowens Mount

Among the four Bowens mount also called as “S” type mount is one of the most popular softboxes and light modifiers in the lighting Industry. Through this Bowens mount, you can attach your beauty lights, reflectors, and other light modifiers to your light.

So when you buy a light to shoot the video, you must note what kind of softbox and mount support your light. Here is the best mount which is as follows.

Godox SL-60W Bowens Mount Light

Godox SL-60W Bowens Mount LightPin

These led bulbs provide double brightness and Wirelessly adjust the light brightness, and provided with a Large-sized LCD Panel. Settings are auto-saved in its additional temperature control function to prevent overheating with a specialized protective cover to protect the LED beads. It is very small in size and portable. A premium headsink and a built-in fan reduce the heat that the light produces.

Note: This light has some issues too. But overall this is one of the best quality and cheap price light available in the market.

Softbox with a grid

What does this softbox do?

With the help of a softbox, you can filter direct harsh light and get a very soft light which gives dramatic look in the picture and video. Use the extra grid to control the light spreading. When you use a softbox with the grid the light is not spread and it focuses on a particular place.

Here is the list of some of the brands in the softbox which is as follows.

Aputure 120D Mark 2 + Aputure  Light Dome Mini II

Aputure 120D Mark 2 + Aputure  Light Dome Mini IIPin

Aputure 120D is one of the best and expensive softboxes (worth for money) which most of the Youtubers used to make their videos. You can remotely control the amount of the light and add an external battery when you don't have any direct power supply.

Godox FW 9×35 inches /22cm x 90cm Honeycomb Grid Softbox (94.99 $)

Godox FW 9x35 inches /22cm x 90cm Honeycomb Grid SoftboxPin

If you have a small space you can try this softbox with led light.

Ring light

The ring light is round-shaped and is mainly used for makeup based YouTube videos. Ring light comes in two different varieties consisting of small bulbs around the circle or one tube-like fluorescent bulbs in the ring.

Features of the Ring light

You can replace the color of the ring light according to your preference. When you want a classy look you can use the white light to shoot videos.

Yellow light is mainly used in marriage functions to show the brides to look more glowing. Let’s see some of the brands of the ring light.

Note: The problem when you use a ring light to shoot photos or videos is glowing white light appears in your eyes.

Diva Ring Light Super Nova  (273.95 $)

Diva Ring Light Super NovaPin

If you want to purchase ring lights consider best ring light products like UBeesize Mini Led Camera Ringlight  & LETSCOM Dimmable Led Beauty Camera Ringlight.

RGB light (For Video background, Computer background decoration)

RGB LED light comes in the Tricolors like Red, green and blue. And this light is mainly used to decorate the places. Once you attach this light, it gives a new look to the surroundings.

Control using Remote

You can change the colors by using the remote which is given with the light. People usually prefer this to decorate the wall. Your wall doesn't need any makeup after attaching this.

Minger LED stirp lights (13.99 $)

Minger LED stirp lightsPin

HRDJ Smart Led Strip Lights (29.99 $)

HRDJ Smart Led Strip LightsPin


It is the tool to reflect the light in a particular direction. So reflectors can be different in colors. It comes in a variety of colors like Silver, White, Golden, and Black. Each color gives a different look to the picture. Most reflectors are round in shape. Either it can be created by yourself or else you can buy it in the market.

Each reflector gives a very different look and the shade varies from one another.

Silver – For contrast look and increase the highlights.

Gold  –  To get warm glowing skin tones.

Black – To block unwanted lights

White – To produce a neutral color temperature

Translucent- To get a softer look without shadow and it is mostly used for outdoor photography

Neewer Light Reflector (29.99 $)

Neewer Light ReflectorPin

Use mirrors to create various lighting effects

If you want to produce a daylight effect at night time you can use mirrors. Draw rectangle borders in the mirrors (like home window bars) and reflect the light. So it will produce daytime window shadow effects.

Use mirrors to create various lighting effectsPin

In this picture, you can see how mirrors are used to get a bright look on the plant. So use small and large-sized mirrors to elevate your video to the next level.

If you don't have money to buy equipment

  1. Create DIY dimmable lights

Things required to create a dimmable light

2. Buy cheap 1000 watt Halogen light and make it dimmable and diffuse the light with white umbrella using Speed-lite Holder Bracket

3. Make a DIY Softbox with DIY Grid.

4. Create a DIY umbrella with a light, Lamp Bulb Holder & use a 1000 watt Halogen light or Convert E27 to the B22 bulb holder and use a normal bulb.

5. Use your phone screen as a color light by using an app.

6. When you create DIY dimmable light, check your bulb is dimmable or not

7. Make a DIY Softbox with DIY Grid.

8. Crete Flexible LED Panels or turn old TV into realistic daylight.

Try Better Video Backgrounds

Try Better Video BackgroundsPin
  1. Use PVC Peel and stick wallpapers for background
  2. Use Green, Grey, Black backdrops

Backdrops are very light in weight and easy to fold and can be easily carried to any place. So suddenly you can change the look of the particular place with these backdrops.

Emart Photography backdrop background (19.99 $)

Emart Photography backdrop backgroundPin

Light Setup methods

It’s quite problematic and confusing to find the exact position of the lights to get perfect lighting. To begin with, first, know about the Cinematic Lighting Techniques.

What is Cinematic Lighting?

Well in Cinema, they not only focus on the Cameras and lenses, they mainly concentrate on the lighting to give life to the picture and videos.

Use Three-point lighting

Three-point lightingPin

It is a lighting technique used in Cinemas and photography to get professional videos. Three lights are used in this and it is placed in different positions to control the light and shadow of the image falls on the object. They are,

  • Key light
  • Fill light
  • Backlight or Hair light or Rim light (Place above the person's head to separate his hair)

Key light (main light source)

The key light is the main light source in three-point lighting. The position of the key light from the camera is very important because it changes the broad light into short light. You can place key light on the left or right side of the person.

Elgato Key light (199.99 $)

Elgato Key lightPin

Fill light

You can get this light through reflectors or another small light. It will reduce one side of face shadows. The closeness of the reflectors adds more brightness to the face.

Backlight Or Hair light

You should keep this light to the opposite side of the key light. Make sure to keep it behind you. It will add brightness to the hair and shoulders. This shines up the hair and shoulders. Use the C-stand to place the hair light. Use Photography Studio Wall Ceiling Mount Arm Stand Boom Overhead.

Why hair light is important?

It is the coolest light when you don’t have any light source, this backlight satisfies your needs. If you feel that you are shooting in an uninteresting location then turn on the backlight. Everything set! All perfect!


So All set! What’s more? Stop thinking, start doing! If you are new to the field of YouTube, throw your fear. Open the mind, knock on the door of creativity and start shooting.

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