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WordPress Theme Design Software, Frameworks, GeneratorsEvery Blogger really likes to use their own, custom WordPress theme for their blog. But most of them don’t know about Custom WordPress theme design. They buy their WordPress theme from online or download from some website. Here you must mind, this same theme also used in another blog. So their blog does not have any different from other bloggers in theme.
If you already have any knowledge in HTML5 and CSS3, no problem. Many blogs give the best tutorials about WordPress theme design. That kind of posting really tweaks your knowledge in WordPress theme design. But if you do not know HTML and CSS, no problem. You can also design a WordPress theme for your taste using software, frameworks, and WordPress theme generator. These three are not a complete solution to design WordPress themes. But these definitely help you to design WordPress themes.
Let’s get started.

WordPress Theme Design Software and Generators
Some Online applications offer WordPress theme design in online. These are called WordPress Theme generator software. Here I have listed the most famous and best WordPress theme generators list.
Artisteer is an automation software product used to design WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal themes. Artisteer also gives a basic template for the WordPress theme. In Artisteer, you can only customize header, menu’s, layout, footer, fonts, typography for your theme. So it’s not enough to design WordPress themes. But now this only one available to design WordPress themes using the software.
Template Toaster
Template Toaster is a very user-friendly WordPress theme generator. You can use drag and drop way to design WordPress themes in Template Toaster. It’s absolutely for beginners who did not know anything about coding. It also offers Magento, Joomla, and Drupal theme design. Template Toaster also has a forum to solve user problems about theme design.
Lubith is another WordPress theme generator. It absolutely free one. It offers an online WordPress theme design. Lubith also has a well-running forum to solve user problems in theme design. Lubith generates WordPress themes compatible with major browsers.

WordPress Theme Design Frameworks
Most of the WordPress blogs running under frameworks based on WordPress themes. Many WordPress Frameworks offer Drag and Drop Layout builder. So users can easily navigate and design the WordPress theme.
Ultimatum is the best WordPress framework or theme. If you use Ultimatum, you didn’t want to learn any coding to design a WordPress theme. Ultimatum has a powerful application builder to design layout, header, footer, and menus.
Pagelines is another one WordPress framework to design WordPress themes in Drag and Drop way. Pagelines also offer extensions to improve your theme. You can make all kinds of stuff such as shortcodes, sliders using these plugins. Pagelines is a very SEO friendly framework. So you do not need to afraid of any Search Engine optimization via theme.
Headway also provides drag and drop way to build a WordPress theme. It offers one design editor to customize these elements. If fully give support in HTML 5 and CSS 3. It’s an SEO friendly framework.
Some WordPress themes offer to customize layout and design. They are iTheme Builder, Elegant Themes. These are a temporary solution to design WordPress themes. But if you learn WordPress themes design using coding (Php, Html 5, and CSS 3), everything very easy in WordPress theme design. If you know any other WordPress theme design software, frameworks and Generators do let us via comment.

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