Best Video Editing Software for YouTube Video Creation


Video editing software for YouTube video creation

YouTube video editing software has become quite popular, and nowadays many people rely on it for their personal use. This has opened the doors for new opportunities for businesses or individuals who want to expand their presence on YouTube. That’s why here I’ll list out the best video editing software for creating YouTube videos. So check out this post fully and choose the ideal editing software for your YouTube videos. 

PowerDirector (PC)

PowerDirector Video editing software for beginners

This PowerDirector is also excellent for editing YouTube videos. If you’re just starting out with editing, Don’t second-guess yourself; just go for it. You guys can use this PowerDirector with your Windows and Mac computers. It has updated features and effects. You can use its 8,000+ royalty-free stock images and videos for your YouTube videos. The main useful function of its screen recording and live stream functions will let you record your screen and live stream your videos directly to your YouTube channel. Moreover, this is the best and most useful video editing software for your work.

Lightworks Free (Mac, PC)


Lightwork Free is suitable for video editing. It also has a lot of transactions that make your video look good and increase your subscribers. It has a user-friendly interface, so you don’t feel any risk while editing your video. And if you would like to produce expert-level videos, then this tool will definitely help you. Personally, I like sharing our videos on famous media platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and so on. If you want to produce expert-level videos in light editing, then you can go for this program.

Filmora (Mac, PC) 


Filmora is an excellent choice for your YouTube video. because of its fashionable effects, titles, and transitions More exciting features can be found within Wondershare Filmora. It also adds to the uniqueness of your video. I personally like this motion-tracking feature. Because it gives life to our video. And its color matching tool is very helpful for correcting our different camera footage to avoid lighting and color balance.

OpenShot (Mac, PC)


OpenShot is a very lightweight video editing software that works best for your Youtube videos. It has all the effects: transactions, 3D animation, and audio waveforms. And this will be available in 70+ languages. This simple and friendly interface helps you edit your videos more flexibly. You can create lots of layers for video, audio, and watermarks. This helps you to render 3D animation inside of OpenShot. It’s totally powerful video editing software for those who love a simple user interface.

Adobe Premiere Elements (Mac, PC)

Adobe Premiere Elements software for Beginners

Adobe Premiere Elements is professional, easy-to-use editing software. If you want to work on your video professionally, then just go for it. It has multiple effects, transaction options, and editing options. And it has an easy editing tool, so your basic editing knowledge is enough for this software. This will help you create videos for social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts.

Note: Except for Filmora and Adobe Premiere Elements, all of the software is free. They offer a trial version. If you want to keep using the upgraded feature, you must pay for it.


These are the best video editing software for both beginners and professionals. Please let me know if you know of any other software that I haven’t mentioned above. I’m considering adding it to this list. Okay, bookmark these pages to get the most recent Webapptiv posts. Thank you so much, and have a wonderful day.